Good Morning Tokyo

ritchie-blackmore-smilingAn update on the new Blackmore sell through documentary which we first covered a couple of weeks ago (for the original story click here). Happily they have had a rethink on the title, and it now comes out on November 6th 2015 through Eagle Rock Entertainment as  “The Ritchie Blackmore Story” on DVD, BluRay and as a Deluxe Edition. “Ritchie Blackmore hardly ever does interviews but has granted extraordinary access for the creation of this truly revealing programme and talks in great depth about his life and career…” says the press sheet. Well, when you’re trying to drum up interest in next year’s rock tour*  I guess every little helps!
The Deluxe Edition also features the first European release of Rainbow’s 1984 Tokyo farewell show on both DVD and 2CD formats. This concert has come out in part on a few anthology releases over the years, and was of course issued in full on laser disc in Japan in the Eighties (and much bootlegged as a result). This edition comes with the documentary in a special box with a large format photo book. Why they haven’t issued this as a stand alone release, as I’m sure a lot of fans would be interested, I’m not sure.  Maybe that will follow.

(*One show in London is now promised. Dress: optional)


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10 Responses to “Good Morning Tokyo”

  1. frodster Says:

    RB’s apparent over-egging of the Octaviour effects peddle on the Budokan 84 gig really took away my enjoyment of the said gig (DVD).Maybe that’s why the gig been hard to find officially over the intervening years?

  2. orange70383 Says:

    I live in the states but do not want to let the chance to see Ritchie get away. Saw him twice in 85′ and it’s getting late. Have been searching daily for additional show information. To me this is the best news of the century.

  3. greengadgetguide Says:

    Do you have any insider knowledge on which dates, or even which month, the UK show is likely to be? With a family wedding to plan around, I’d hate to miss this potentially last chance to see him rock out!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Not at the moment Graham, but I sympathise with your dilema! However if you make the wedding an early kick off you could be out of there in good time?

  4. Mike Burnett Says:

    Re Blackmore’s live gigs in 2016. Personally, I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Ritchie has been playing rock for a wee while now, albeit on drums. I’ve seen him on drums with Family, Roger Chapman and with Bernie Marsden a few times – even as recently as last night with Bernie. Ritchie makes a mighty fine drummer and his style is refreshingly free of any Robin Hood style paradiddles on ye olde tree trunks.

    Oh, silly me. Just Googled Bernie’s drummer and it’s John Lingwood. Check him out – the likeness is uncanny, at least to my old tired eyes.

    Still, it would be a Sherwood Forest’s owl’s hoot to see Ritchie and John in the same band.They could call the band The Twins of Medieval.

    Bernie M was on cracking form last night though and it was good to see Neil Murray in his band too (I’m serious about Neil by the way!). Highly recommended gig!

    • simon robinson Says:

      I wondered what on earth you were on about there for a moment Mike! Trying to imagine a drum kit made from oak timbers now.

  5. Les Hedger Says:

    I can’t wait for this release. In the list of people interviewed about Ritchie they don’t list Paice or Gillan. A shame if it’s true.

  6. Danny Fox Says:

    It’s great to read that Ritchie is taking a positive interest in this project, at least it should guarantee a good listen. Personally, I’m not a big fan of what Ritchie has done over the last few years, however I respect him hugely that he’s done what he wanted to do without compromising his position. I struggle now with Purple that they continue the way they do (but that’s another discussion). I will go and see Ritchie on the rock tour next year. I just hope he pulls together a good line-up for the backing band with hopefully a couple of good vocalists. I have to say that whilst Joe Lynn Turner was fine for the latter Rainbow songs, a Purple singer he ain’t. Who knows who will turn up, and I ain’t going to start guessing here. But I hope he approaches this with the level of energy and desire to make it the definitive celebration it should be, and reflects what he has given to rock music, allowing him to bow out with a bang!! Delivering a live show in the style he and us life long fans deserve. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll and Ritchie!!!

  7. Marcello D'Agostino Says:

    Stand alone 2CDs will be released on Japan on October 21. It’s already on pre-sale on japanese websites. EAN is: 4562387199181

  8. Jim Grogan Says:

    So the sole London show could be attended by loads of naked people then?

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