Noodle Snacks

Blackmores Crisps

Nosing around our local Chinese supermarket in search of industrial size bottles of Soy sauce, I couldn’t miss this snack packet.  They’re actually made in Taiwan but it clearly looks as if it’s been based on photos of Ritchie in his Blackmore’s Night guise!  Anyway, ignoring the food miles conundrum, I had to buy one to try out.
At the very least they should be selling them on the merch stall at the next Blackmore’s Night tour.


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4 Responses to “Noodle Snacks”

  1. Leftin Says:

    Tasty stuff! That picture is uncanny. There are lots of good lookalikes in Purple Land. On In Concert ’70/’72, there are two pictures of Ritchie Blackmore where he looks so much like David Coverdale that you’d swear Mk.3 started earlier than thought. And I remember the day in ’76 when I finally found Shades of DP in Bournemouth WH Smith’s, and my friends pointed to Nic(k) Simper and said “He looks like Jimmy Tarbuck!” Still trying to work that one out. Rod Evans looks like Elvis Presley in that same picture, though.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Rod also looks uncannily like Ian Gillan in one of his post-Purple Captain Beyond TV slots…

      • Leftin Says:

        Agree completely – especially when he’s adding percussion (though not bongos!). Wish they’d put those shows out on DVD.

  2. R2 Says:

    Crispy & spicy.

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