The Black Sun went down

Deep Purple Roger Glover Guildford 1969

Don’t get too excited when we say this is a newly discovered clip of Deep Purple Mk 2, as it is very very short, silent, monochrome and blurry.  But it is always tantilising to see early scenes of this line-up live, just a few weeks after the Royal Albert Hall do.
It’s part of a short 16mm film made to record events at the University of Surrey’s Rag Week, which includes fund raising goodies such as a Mile Of Pennies, girls in bikinis jumping in buckets of water for money (and they reckon the ice bucket challenge was new!), and then on to the week’s big concert on November 28th in Guildford, Deep Purple, supported by Bridget St John, Horse and Quintessence, with the Black Sun Light Show.  Tickets 16/- (or a quid on the door).
The Uni archivists say the soundtrack has been lost and needless to say any unused footage is missing.
Thanks to Dave Browne for spotting it.


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6 Responses to “The Black Sun went down”

  1. Scott W. Says:

    Maybe culled from more than one song actually…Speed King in there for a second possibly.

  2. Scott W. Says:

    Love it, keep it coming! Watching this and being a massive DP footage fan (68-76) I believe they are playing Mandrake Root. Watch Paicey on the kit, Ritchie’s movements etc. This would be during the “Foxey Lady’ inspired verses riff. Anyone else think so?

  3. Tony B Says:

    Sounds great and wish I was there to witness it all with my 16 shillings or even 20/- The poster is interesting!

  4. purpledaniel Says:

    Nice discovery! A pity there is no sound though.

  5. quadey Says:

    A great piece of social history! It would be another 2 years before I saw DP but this film brought back some great memories of the era!

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