We must be in…

Rainbow transport Blackmore logo

“The owner of this transport van MUST be a Blackmore fan!”  says Dave Binnie, you you have to agree.  Just enough of a difference in the logo to avoid the copyright issues, but it wasn’t spotted in Kansas, rather Ontario, Canada.
Talking of Blackmore, we’re always fascinated to hear about Ritchie’s pre-Purple days, and have been in touch with a guy who played in a support band to Neil Christian on one occasion. Steve Clare managed to get him to jot down his recollections of what turned out to be an inspiring evening:  “Better than Clapton, better than Hendrix… ”  It even moved the Force Five guitarist to write a letter raving about the man to Beat Instrumental, which he saved and scanned for us. Read this fascinating story on our Darker Than Blue history section.


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One Response to “We must be in…”

  1. jamie williamson Says:

    Memories of early Blackmore from someone not usually effusive with his praise:

    The scene was very lively with local Bournemouth / Poole / South Coast, touring national and international acts. Richie Blackmore at 18 (with The Outlaws) was stunning, an exceptional technique for the time married to superb presentation: Richie had the moves.

    Robert Fripp.

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