Second date

Given all the denials on various websites about the festival, I was half tempted to edit the post (below), but I think it’s more a case of the promoter needing to get the news out there and start selling tickets, and everyone back at Castle Blackmore being caught on the hop at the speed of German logistics! This advert has just reached us via several emails (not sure who first posted it) and confirms a second show in Germany. Two days, each in a different muddy field!  But despite my reservations it is nevertheless quite emotional to see THAT artwork in print again after 40 years.  Have my Knebworth wellies dried out yet?

Rainbow reunion advert 2016


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26 Responses to “Second date”

  1. Gary Unsworth Says:

    It certainly does bring a tear to the eye seeing the Rising artwork it is like a breath of fresh air to music in 2015 even if it is 40 years old; class always prevails. Wish Ritchie would play Newcastle where I’m from but even if it’s one British show its better than none at all. Long Live Rock and Roll! ps Hello Simon and Ann

  2. IanG Says:

    The only UK date is 25th June at the Genting Arena (I think that is the NEC?) at least it’s indoors.

  3. Mohan Thampi Says:

    Is the original Rainbow stage being trotted out? Though with the current LCD/LED panels they can easily recreate one resembling the original and much easier to truck around.
    When listening to Aphrodite’s Child 666 album (1972), I was struck by how much their drummer, Loukas Sideras, seemed similar to Cozy Powell in style. There is an excellent ‘Bolin/Paice” jam type instrumental on that album along with other great songs. And in the 19 minute next to last track, you get a snippet of the which makes one think of “Mission Impossible” TV theme. Read somewhere that Lalo Schifrin who composed the theme based it upon a Eastern European dance with its unsual time signature. Well Jon Lord revisits it also in his interpretations of Easter European dance music in the album Sarabande. And Lalo Schifrin did have a soundtrack album called “Che!” released on Tetragrammaton Records in 1969!
    Hmm, RB’s Rainbow in 1975 with Dio on vocals, Vangelis on keyboards, Demis Roussos on Bass, and Loukas Sideras on drums could have worked!

  4. Arthur Smith Says:

    Very very tempted to make the trip for this, it’ll be like a last hurrah, Rainbow were more my band than Purple to be honest and seeing the artwork brings a tear to the eye!

  5. Mike Galway Says:

    I think he is a cheeky —-! I might go if he played our garden.

  6. Adrian Dennis Says:

    Mind you, when you think about it, 2016 will be the 40th anniversary of the Rising album, so it does tie in that Ritchie should use the Rainbow name.

  7. Roy Davies Says:

    I wonder if at this very moment a ‘cease-and-desist’ might be winging its way to whoever at the promoter’s office decided that Ritchie’s “project” warranted the un-authorised (albeit welcome) return of a copyrighted rainbow font & logo?

    • simon robinson Says:

      I suppose technically it might belong to Universal but I’m sure they’ll be happy if it helps promote some of their back catalogue. And they might well bid for the live recordings from these shows I suppose.

      • Roy Davies Says:

        it seems that the original “Rising” LP cover art image rights still belong to artist Ken Kelly, who drew it at the time.

      • simon robinson Says:

        I know he sells prints and stuff, but would imagine Universal are able to exploit as well.

  8. Kets Says:

    Brings a tear to an eye. RJD, CP…what a lineup that was. Alas though this is 10 years past due we all have to admit that we’d go see and hear him play these gems even if me Nan was singing. Jimmy and Tony are active still, or does Mrs C love to keep it in the family? Difficult to cure, eh!

  9. orange70383 Says:

    Awesome, Ritchie going to leave his mark on this one.

  10. Ricardo Moreblack Says:

    yaaahhhhhh at last!!!!!

  11. Hartmut Says:

    Loreley is an amphitheatre, 20,000 seater… so no muddy field!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Ah ha, that’s the one to go for then. I’ve never done an open-air in Europe, just stuck with the indoor arenas. Still have fond memories of a bunch of German bikers stomping their way to the front of a Purple gig in 88! Thanks Hartmut.

  12. Danny Fox Says:

    My God! It does stir the emotions your right Simon. Hammersmith odeon Sep 76.

  13. Jim Manngard Says:

    Is there a better photo of this poster?

    • simon robinson Says:

      It must be in a German rock magazine, but I don’t know which one. I’m sure better pics will emerge, and posters for the gigs.

  14. Peter Mair Says:

    Wow, Rainbow Rising in 2016, who’d have thought it!? This is therefore a new Rainbow line up in effect with this new power house on vocals, i suspect Burgi/Smith and keyboard player……exciting!

    • Bill Says:

      It’s my understanding that the entire band is comprised of musicians he has not worked with before. I may have misunderstood that, but if so, that kind of rules out Burgi (who is with Billy Joel now, I believe) and Smith.

  15. Adrian Dennus Says:

    So, unless I can’t see part of the poster, he’s using the Rainbow moniker?

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