They’re coming to take me away…


‘Who The Hell Wants To Be In An Institution?’ asks Ian Gillan in a recent interview with a journalist in Chile. No, it’s not his family trying to sneak him off to assisted living that he’s complaining about, but an old favourite gripe topic amongst Purple fans everywhere, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He’s recalling the quip a few months back from the people running this institution that Purple were “one-hit wonders.”
“Whatever I say about that is gonna sound wrong. But who the hell wants to be in an institution? The Hall Of Fame thing, it’s an American thing. We don’t have that in England or Germany or Australia or Russia or anywhere in the world apart from America. And it’s an institution. What’s that got to do with rock and roll? Also, it’s run by these old guys who thought that THE MONKEES were America’s answer to THE BEATLES. And they called DEEP PURPLE [Laughs]… I don’t think they quite understand what we are… They called us one-hit wonders. So I don’t know what they were talking about… whether it was ‘Hush’ or ‘Black Night’ or ‘Strange Kind Of Woman’, ‘Smoke On The Water’, ‘Child In Time’, ‘Knocking At Your Back Door’ or one of those one-hit wonders that we were… ‘Highway Star’… I just don’t know. And I guess the fans don’t really understand it except in America. It’s no big deal.”
The bizarre thing is that the Hall of Fame still seem to be unable to think of inviting important bands off their own bat, and instead rely on getting fans to vote. The local news website is now suggesting that some clever clogs rigged a computer up to vote multiple times for a number of bands, including Deep Purple. Apparently it’s still possible to vote 15 times in a day, before you’re then blocked and have to go off and watch Loose Women, and wait 24 hours before doing the same thing all over again. One fan has rightly commented that “Chicago is in first place with more than 37.4 million votes. If there are that many Chicago fans, the band should release a new album tomorrow and watch it go quadruple platinum in a week!”
I don’t see what’s wrong with making people post their votes in like Sounds used to do. As it is Purple had been boosted into sixth place, with 16 million more votes than the seventh placed Janet Jackson.  Come on Ian, just a quick flash of the hairy chest on Superbowl day and you’re in with a shout!
And the photo?  Not from Chile, but a recent French TV interview screen grabbed at an awkward moment! Hopefully IG was far too charmed by his hostess to catch what was going on behind them.


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6 Responses to “They’re coming to take me away…”

  1. Leon Rodziewicz Says:

    To be honest it’s got to the point where I really hope they get the vote and then do the decent thing by telling the HOF to get stuffed!

  2. staromestska Says:

    Just so there’s no confusion we here in the States don’t give a damn about the HOF. Music should have no such things. And every band ever influenced by hard rock knows DP is far and away the biggest omission.

    Btw, Purple had more “hits” than Zep or Sabbath as far as Singles are concerned since Zep only officially released one and Sabbath only had songs from Paranoid chart as singles (maybe Dirty Women charted in the US). I believe that’s correct. (I used to have a book published by Billboard with hundreds of band’s charting numbers).

  3. Jeff Lester Says:

    The fan vote has virtually no impact in the final tally. It only counts as one ballot added to the 600+ other ballots from the regular voters (artists, music industry people, etc).

  4. Scott W. Says:

    I wish this whole R&R HOF would just disappear. Ian would have really been pissed off if he realized the stock DP footage behind him is probably the JLT era DP Czech TV broadcast from Feb ’91!

  5. strider712 Says:

    As IG states who really cares about the HoF. Their history through thick and thin, their longevity, christ how many groups are still gigging at their age, unless it is a comeback gig! Can’t wait to see them at the O2 later in the year, again, lost count.

  6. hotblackdesiato Says:

    The one thing about fan votes is, that all the millions of votes count only as much as one voice of the committee members. All those ‘fan votes’ are merely to give people the illusion of having a say. Pointless, really.

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