3 is a magic number

The extent (sic) of Ritchie’s 2016 rock tour is now confirmed and comprises the two German dates already posted here and one UK date.  Ritchie is saying that this will be it for 2016, although he has not ruled out more dates in 2017.
The good news is that having passed on Download, the promoters are now saying the UK show will be indoors at the Birmingham NEC Arena on June 25th.  Tickets go on sale on the morning of November 6th.  The band line up will be announced a couple of days before, but from the names being passed around on the web, comprise nobody we’ve ever heard of anyway!  The NEC site link for the show is not yet live.
The German promoters have put up a Faceache page with some basic info and a bio.
Thanks to everyone for helping us with the news.  Names withheld to protect the innocent!


NEC Arena Horse of The Year Show

NEC Arena Horse of The Year Show


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4 Responses to “3 is a magic number”

  1. Les Hedger Says:

    Oh no, Not the NEC. Get the water pitchers ready!

  2. Marcelo Says:

    From the names you saw, did you check the singer on YouTube to see if he’s any good (even if in amateur video) as the buzz says?

  3. Rasmus Heide Says:

    Horse show of the year? Are we expecting a full onstage display of cups of water?

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