Rainbow sold out….

Rainbow 2016 advertNot a reference to Since You Been Gone, but the NEC show.  I don’t know anyone who managed to get tickets today (Friday) except the ticket scalpers who have certainly managed to get through, with offers of tickets at double the face value and more already all over the web.  I must confess I was a little surprised it sold out at all, never mind so quickly, but as my circle of friends are all of the slightly older and more jaded variety, I hadn’t picked up on the groundswell of demand from younger folk anxious to see what the man’s reputation was built on, rather than what has been eroding it for the last two decades.

This was brought home to me by Peter Judd, who teaches at the University here, and was greeted earlier this week by an enthusiastic young student bounding in wearing his vintage repro Rainbow t-shirt and asking if he’s heard about the gig!  Just because me and Pete recall seeing the first line-up at Preston Guildhall when Rainbow were in their prime, doesn’t mean everyone had such an opportunity.

The problem is even if Ritchie does do a second show – which would seem a no-brainer to me (although the adverts do make much of  it being the “only” show) – I’ve no idea what is to stop the spivs scooping all the tickets up a second time to make a profit on. Personally I would have made it applications in person at the box-office only, that would have sorted the men from the boys. Or the cross-dressers.  Still the lack of tickets certainly settles any issues about whether I should bother or not.  Ann resolutely refused, on the grounds that Ritchie still owes her money for ruining the last NEC Purple show (and not turning up at Nottingham on one of the later Rainbow tours!).


45 Responses to “Rainbow sold out….”

  1. Wolfy smith Says:

    The Planet Rock “pre-sale” was a nonsense. In fact the tickets went on full sale for all areas on the Wednesday (not the Friday) and were available direct from the ticketfactory website which is the Genting Arenas own site. After an hour trying to get tickets on Planet Rock i finally got 4 reasonable seats in block 6. Then i discovered a few hours later via complaints to Planet Rock on twitter that someone had posted that tickets were available direct, with lots of later posts from people saying thanks as they had got front seats in blocks A,B and C!!! By the time i got on there all i could get was block F but still good nonetheless. Also, a friend of mine phoned the box office on the wednesday to complain but got straight through and bought 2 great seats! So the reason they were sold out when supposedly going on full sale on the friday 10am is that there had been a full two days of sales already. Even Ritchie’s official facebook page gave the link on the wednesday. Despite several emails and posts to Planet Rock’s various media streams they havent replied at all.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I think a lot of people would agree with you Wolfy. But stay calm, he may well be back in 2017 with more shows.

  2. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    After enjoying the Mk 111 Final Concerts 2 cd set to refresh my memory – Ritchie needs to align the stars such that Glenn and David can share at least a few tracks!!!

  3. Kenneth Welsj Says:

    I’ve was lucky enough to see Rainbow August 1976 at the Playhouse Edinburgh as part of the rock festival. Amazing!
    I saw them again, twice with RJD then Graham Bonnet and Joe Lynn Turner, after that I gave on Ritchie as he strived for a more American sound.
    I was at Knebworth 1984 for the reunion show. What an experience !
    No chance of seeing him next year. What a pity as it would be good to see him play again.
    Kenny Welsh


    • simon robinson Says:

      That was one of the shows on the tour we couldn’t get to. We did most of the tour on public transport staying with friends, other Ritchie and Purple fans or in B & Bs, but Scotland was difficult to reach.

  4. ullrich Says:

    I’ve seen BN this summer, on the third anniversary of Jon Lord’s passing.
    After the first hour of expected so-so singing (and a third hour of even boring clap-a long lalalas), there were fifty minutes in between, which started with Blackmore’s tribute to Mr. Lord “Carry on Jon” on acoustic. Then he pulled out the Strat, kicked one of the artificial bushes off stage, and the last 18 years were gone within a second, ripping like the Rainbow never disappeared. It was unbelievable.
    I never believe a word he says in public, and think if the three shows sell, then don’t worry: he’ll come back 2017 outside of BN!

  5. Andy Burke Says:

    I have been a fan of Ritchie’s since Machine Head, seen him many times and yes one does not know what you are going to get. He can be brilliant or temperamental. What he is though is an enigma, a forefather of British Rock and a guitar hero, legend and influence.
    I vowed never to see him again after a disastrous Blackmores Night concert at Reading when after an hour he walked of stage!
    But the draw of him playing Rock is strong. It will probably be the last time he wields his strat in such a manner.
    Surely an event too good to miss.
    It may be to top up his pension fund, but he knows that it will be his last swansong and epitaph to the rock masses.
    I have no doubt that with his persona he wouldn’t be undertaking this finale if he couldn’t cut the mustard.
    As for the band members, would you really want it to be the Coverdale / Hughes look at me show?
    If he chose Joe Lynn Turner people would have moaned and Dio is dead.
    Dougie White was good and so was Graham Bonnet but could they cope with the whole spectrum of early Rainbow, commercial Rainbow and Purple.
    I think he has been very shrewd with this Romero guy who I believe will shine doing both. He has also picked musicians that he is comfortable with.
    It could have been worse, Candice could have got the job. No offence to her as she is wonderful but not suitable in this case. He may not be as fast but he is renowned for his accuracy and improvisation.
    I am sure that Ritchie in the night when he feels the love, excited anticipation and warmth emulating from the crowd will Burn on stage.
    I really do hope to ” Catch the Rainbow ” and watch Ritchie once more.
    PS the ticket companies are shite !!!

  6. Ade Smith Says:

    When is a presale not a presale. All the tickets for Richie were sold on the 2 day presale. I always thought that the idea of a presale was to sell a few thousand tickets first and leave the remainder for the main sale which in the case of the NEC would leave about 12000 tickets for the main sale. It seems that the goal posts have been moved. I would be interested to know what the promoters reply would be.

  7. Terry Says:

    I’m happy to keep my memories of Rainbow 1977 Newcastle city hall, you can’t reproduce what’s gone…

  8. Scott Wood Says:

    No one yet has made the connection or mentioned the fact of why Ritchie has decided to play these shows. I believe it is to promote the dvd which comes out tomorrow! ‘The Ritchie Blackmore Story’ DVD with the bonus of the last Rainbow show before the reunion of DP in ’84. He would look foolish to release the dvd which focuses on his rock career when he has not played R&R since the 90’s right? All his ‘fans’ would be saying: ” Why this RB dvd about his rock career? He does not even play rock anymore!?” These shows will at least give validity releasing the DVD. I also feel deep down Ritchie still loves to rock out and this will raise his profile to people fortunate to see the handful of shows and buy the dvd. Then maybe he will convert some previous unbelievers to check out Blackmore’s Night which he will most likely continue with after these shows. You heard it here first…!

    • simon robinson Says:

      It’s a theory Scott, being a cynic I figured the DVD was more to try and stir up interest in the upcoming shows, but sales indicate that wasn’t necessary. I reckon the old bugger will be deafened when he steps out onto that stage at the NEC!

  9. Peter Mair Says:

    Going to the two German festival dates…..seems the better option vs Birmingham drama

  10. Russell Taylor Says:

    Ticketmaster should be ashamed of themselves. It was a total scam. I went on at 10.00am and it was sold out by 10.01. Low and behold they were promoting GetMeIn at 10.02 with tickets at 4x the price. I don’t care what they say. It is a scam.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Noted rock promoter Harvey Goldsmith was on Radio 4 yesterday railing against ticket outlets which permit this. As tickets are now computer printed, he is putting people’s names on the tickets they buy and on the door if their ID doesn’t match the name on the ticket, they’re not allowed in.

  11. deeninrock Says:

    Reblogged this on Get Into The Rock and commented:
    Rainbow sold out!!!

  12. Daniel Miller Says:

    I was really lucky and got my tickets front and centre. Ones in the same block are now on re-sale for £1300! Am I tempted to sell? No way, I’ll take my chances. Ritchie always surprises, not always in a good way, but when he’s on fire he’s unbeatable. I’ve been a fan for all my adult life and then some. I just have to see him rock again.

  13. Peter O'Connor Says:

    I have to admit firstly to watching and admiring Ritchie for over 40 years. I also thoroughly enjoy his BN venture in all its guises, the CDs from them, but particularly the live concerts. Some of my most favourite concerts watching Ritchie though were the Rainbow UK tours of 1976/77. To me they will not be surpassed. Totally incredible. To see Ritchie has decided to return to purely Rock though for a few concerts has filled me with trepidation. As such I have not attempted to secure a ticket on this occasion. I am worried he will not be able to produce the goods of old – given now his age and time away from his Classic Rock Era. I believe there are armies lined up in the background from the press etc. ready to tear the performances to pieces. I hope I am very wrong and that it all proves a success. I can understand the nostalgia bit, and the allure of the cash, but with the greatest of efforts Ritchie surely must be unable to command and prowl the stage like he used to. I wish him well and will inevitably buy the end product – but I am maybe in the minority of true fans that would rather he left his Rock Guitar prowess in the past, where to me it would remain untouchable.

  14. Vincent John Collins Says:

    I bit the bullet (if you’ll excuse the phrase given current events) and am going to the Loreley gig – having bought tickets tonight – the other for a fellow DPAS member. (He’s not seen them since 1981 – with me in London – my last gig of theirs being the 1995 one there.) It’s a fantastic venue by the looks of their web site. (http://www.loreley-freilichtbuehne.de/info/) Even if it rains it’ll, er, piss on the NEC. (It’s actually slightly bigger in capacity terms but is much more attractive despite its unfortunate pre-war history.) I’ve not been this excited in years. Let’s hope he doesn’t croak it before. By the way… Deep Purple are playing there the following month and not only are the tickets much cheaper but also rooms are still available in the nearby hotel – unlike when Rainbow play – which tells you something.

  15. Vincent John Collins Says:

    Having only learned of the gig today I’m as sick as a Skegness parrot at the sell-out news. Mind you I’d actually prefer a European gig if only because Birmingham is such a bore. Of course it’s much the same with any “arena” venue – inevitable with such a major tour – though it’s nice to see Judas Priest, now on the wane, doing more intimate places. (Not too intimate, though, as I’m a fairly happily married man and I wouldn’t want Bob to get any ideas.) So, I’ll be keeping ’em peeled. Incidentally, it’s interesting to note (as Simon has before) how much more the ticket prices are these days. I paid £3.25 to see them in Manchester in 1977, £4 again there in 1980 and presumably slightly more in London in 1981. (What looks like my ticket for the latter – in a scrapbook with the rest but not labelled – has no price nor artist nor even a date on it but has the right venue.) In today’s money you’d be looking at around £20. It must be all the Health & Safety costs these days. Either that or there are some greedy bastards about. Still, I guess that’s supply and demand for you.

  16. Steve Priest Says:

    I’m with you on this one Simon. On the one hand part of me wants to see Ritchie playing some classic rock songs again, but on the other £50 for a night out with no idea who’s going to be on stage with him fills me with dread. Look at the last incarnation of Rainbow with Doogie White on vocals! I’m glad I missed that one.

    • Roy Davies Says:

      Can’t agree with you there Steve- the Hammersmith shows were excellent with Doogie, and the man has gone on to rejuvenate Michael Schenker; their gig at Planet Rock Stock last December was one of the best I’ve seen!

  17. tommy taylor Says:

    I have an issue with people complaining about the NEC show! Gillan says it was their worst show, What a load of crap I was right down the front and the atmosphere was electric, especially as we wondered if Blackmore was gonna show on stage at all!
    from where I was I was sure he threw his drink at Gillan although it was said to be the cameraman.I thought it was an excellent show.
    I have seen Purple quite a few times in the last few years and long for the days when there was an edge to the shows. Of course they are still top quality musicians and some of the Morse era songs are really good but I miss Ritchie, but not the painful Blackmores night!!! don’t suppose he is gonna come to Canada so I will have to wait for the dvd

  18. IanG Says:

    I managed to get a couple of tickets via the ticket factory site, but only just, we’ll be about a mile away from the stage. Within 2 minutes of the tickets going on sale there were virtually none available. It’s appalling that venues take advantage of fans in this way by selling off tickets to agencies (or whatever it is they do). Bloody booking fee of £7 per ticket too, Grrrr.

  19. Nigel Says:

    Tickets seem to have sold out almost instantly on the Weds thro’ a Planet Rock presale … just managed to get a pair almost at the back

  20. Mike Says:

    I wanted to see Ritchie, and went online at about 11am thinking the gig’s in June, plenty of time, who holds all the money for seven months? Is it the Man in Black? Promoters? That’s one thing I don’t think I can blame the banks for. Can I?

  21. Nigel Says:

    Think almost all of the tickets went in the planet rock presale…managed to sneak in a few rows from the back…

  22. James Says:

    “…double the face value…” – I just saw £1100 a ticket!!!!

  23. Leon Rodziewicz Says:

    I’d certainly try for it if he was doing a US show or two. Any inside info Simon?

  24. Pete Collins Says:

    The cheapest tickets I have found was £182, so I won`t be going.

  25. Leftin Says:

    As long as the show’s recorded and/or filmed, we’ll all get a chance to see how the drummer copes with Light in the Black. It’ll be like listening to Zeppelin’s 02/’07 show, with no memory of parking squalor or Concerto-Moron-types to mar the thing.

  26. Magnus Danielsson Says:

    It’s been along time…

    Last time I saw Blackmore playing Rock was at Esbjerg 31st of May 1997. I have arranged with tickets to Loreley, Bietigheim-Bissingen and Birmingham. Rainbow Rising Again!

    Magnus Danielsson

  27. Costas Says:

    Bitter again Simon?

  28. Michael Suilleabhain Says:

    how the eff is anyone suppose to get Richie tickets? Ticket scalpers should be beheaded. Any advice on getting ticket?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Not at the moment, except the German promoters are saying plenty left for their shows. I wonder why?

      • Erno P Says:

        My ticket for German show has my name written on it. Makes it harder to re-sell it for double the price, I guess.

      • simon robinson Says:

        There are scheme where you need to show your ID with the ticket to get in, and it should stop scammers.

      • Rafael K. Says:

        I have got myself a ticket for the Loreley, I have to take the chance and see Ritchie rocking off one more time, I just do not want that last image being stuck in my head to be from the last BN gig I saw for free and still felt it to be too expensive^^ But I digresss… I think the scalping b’stards are a nuissance, but so are most promoters as they seem not to care, as they do get their share of cash. Ticket sales in Germany seem still to be open, so why not hop over? The Loreley is a fantastic place, check it out! Without much information like who else is playing and the line-up of Rainbow just recently announced after the sale began – I think that that may be a good reason why the interest seems to be low. Since no further dates are endangered if not many people turn up, I am not complaining really ;-)

        Maybe someone paints the Lorely Mountain silver before the gig *LOL*

        Rock on!

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