Graham Bonnet is touring the UK in February 2016.  To save my fingers, I’ll attach the official flyer.  It’s wrap-up warm time, especially if you opt for the Skegness homecoming show.  I’ve been there in the winter and it’s biting!  I missed his last UK tour as I was stuck in frozen Cheshire on the afternoon of the Sheffield gig.
Graham is also doing eight shows in Australia in April which might be warmer, I might as well add that flyer as well. This is with his new band, and a studio album is in the works for Frontier Records, which will have a bonus disc of reworked oldies apparently.

Graham Bonnet UK tour 2016   Graham Bonnet Australia tour 2016
His biography is nearly wrapped up and will be out early 2016.  There may now be a limited edition in a hardback cover designed by Graham himself.  You can read more about this and see some spreads at the publisher’s site.

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4 Responses to “Brisk”

  1. Roy Davies Says:

    Went to see him at Bilston on that tour and Bob’s drum set-up took up most of the stage! Unfortunately Graham had a stinking cold and did a shortened set, but interesting nonetheless, though I could have done with some more of his Alcatrazz and solo stuff to break up the Rainbow songs a little more. . Any ideas on what the “re-recorded classics” are?

  2. Michiel Says:

    Too bad it’s without Mark! (little Dutch joke)

  3. Rob Corich Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed his London gig with the DP tribute band a while back. I went out of curiosity and really didn’t expect much at all. It was excellent to hear all of Down To Earth in all its live glory. Cozy’s bass drum was even up on stage banging away, drinks were flowing (not Graham’s way) and the guitarist could give Blackers a good run for his money. Mind you I had consumed a few drinks.
    Enjoyable evening all in all.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yes, we saw that tour and hearing Cozy’s kit so close was a real ear-opener and I was amazed how much of his signature sound was still there. Graham seemed quite emotional too and gave the kit it’s own intro (which brought a round of applause!).

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