Nouvelle Review

Deep Purple Montreux fire Smoke On The Water

There is something fascinating about old newspaper archives and seeing how people got the news about important events. One of the avenues of research for the upcoming Machine Head book has been to see how they covered to story in the country, and this front page is from the Nouvelle Review. As this did not have a Sunday edition, the story is from the Monday after the fire (which happened 44 years ago today) and clearly it is still big news.  But not too big to squeeze some of the weekend sports stories off the front page! (And a reminder too of issues closer to home, with a brief report of an explosion in a Belfast restaurant as events there began to worsen.)  Coverage of the fire and the aftermath continued across page two and as late as May the following year the debate was still going on, and journalists were trying to get to the truth behind many of the rumours about the causes of the fire.  Read more about the book on the publisher’s sitehe

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7 Responses to “Nouvelle Review”

  1. Bruce Metcalfe Says:

    Unless you’re unfamiliar Simon- that is a picture of a hockey game! It’s like English Football but the players don skates and use sticks to go after a hard rubber “puck” instead of a checkered ball! And, it’s played on ice rather than a pitch! It’s a Canadian creation! I hoped that helped!

    • simon robinson Says:

      English Football? I vaguely remember that, 11 players all born in the UK formed a team and played other teams of a similar geographical mix. And didn’t pose in their underwear on billboards between games!

  2. Scott W. Says:

    Once again, my birthday and all the tragic things that happened to DP on Dec 4th: Montreux, Tommy and Zappa’s death along with Patsy Collins ‘accident’ in Jarkata!

  3. Alan Taylor Says:

    When is the book due Simon? The publisher’s site still says Spring 2015….

  4. Timothy Says:

    If the fire was such a big deal I’m surprised no-one wrote a song about it ;-)

    • simon robinson Says:

      That tickled me so much I even left your emoticon on Tim! Would take some lyrical skill to get it across though wouldn’t it. And you’d need a good hook too.

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