Will they stay or will they go?

Boring Presentation

After trying to explain the Deep Purple family tree to the panel, the head of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame decides to put their induction back another year.

Much energy has been expended, not least by this site and others, on the subject of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Now they have finally condescended to offer Deep Purple an induction, let’s expend a little more!
Many people feel there has been more than an element of snobbery about the selection panel, with Deep Purple “overlooked” and belittled about their musical achievements (‘One-hit wonders’ was a jibe which showed their ignorance last time.)
Now that they have got around to the band, the fun and games will probably start. As sole remaining founder member Ian Paice spoke to Billboard magazine about the honour.
“It’ll be interesting, won’t it? It’s a somewhat complicated situation. The personalities that are involved didn’t always get on terrifically well, so that has to be taken into consideration. I don’t think there’ll be anybody swinging at anybody else – I think there’s a possibility that some people just won’t be there. We may all turn up and be happy on the night and it’ll go wonderfully well, or two or three people will be studiously ignoring each other.”
“If they ask us to play there, who’s gonna play what? Who’s prepared to play what, and with who? As we’ve been blessed with so many virtuoso players in the band over the years, it might have been easier to take us individually to be inducted rather than as a band. It’s not a band of four or five guys who have stayed together throughout their career and are asked to do something. It’s more complex than that. So we’ll just have to make a decision of what’s right for us, not what’s right for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”
The situation gets more complex as the induction ignores the Mk 4 line-up, and all reunion era musicians. So it’s not even a recognition just for the original era, as without Tommy Bolin how can it be? I certainly listen to Come Taste more than Burn or Stormbringer.


It also seems a huge snub to Steve Morse in particular, who has been with the band longer than Ritchie now (I think, I just tried doing the maths!). Ian Gillan in particular has reacted to that, and posted on his website.
“Putting the past shenanigans to one side, the induction is not – in clear fact – for Deep Purple. It is an arbitrary selection of past members, which excludes Steve Morse and Don Airey; both of whom have been with the living breathing DP for a very long time. Obviously this is very silly, and so my response is quite simple: ‘Thank you very much’.”
“And what a coincidence… This morning I got an invitation to a wedding from some dear old friends. Unfortunately my family was not invited and they said that I would be required to sit next to my ex (we divorced decades ago) at the wedding feast.
They were shocked when I called to thank them and decline the invitation.”
Using my Gillan Thesaurus this sort of suggests he doesn’t want to do it without Steve and Don, but might reconsider if they get invited. But it could also mean he doesn’t fancy sitting next to his ex-guitar player! Still if the inductors can forgive him calling them ‘arrogant and rude’ a while back, maybe the inductees can sort something out in time.
Meanwhile Glenn Hughes has already booked a cab, and cranked up his positive waves:
“There’s a lot of mumbo jumbo from other members, but I’m excited. I don’t have anything to say negative about this. And more importantly this is really important to the fans of the band Deep Purple, the four or five decades this band has been around making music. It’s a grand step in music history for anyone. There’s only so many people who get into the Hall of Fame.”
The ceremony takes place on April 8 ceremony at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. We’ll leave the last word to Ian Paice: “I haven’t seen [Coverdale] in a long time, but I don’t have any problem with David. And after all this time, I don’t have a problem with Ritchie. I really hope he’s happy in what he’s doing. At the end of the day we’re far enough along in our lives now that I just hope everybody’s having a good time. The crap that went on before, that’s what it is – it’s before.”

You can read Billboard’s take on it all here


Simon Robinson. Thanks to Tim Summers and Stephen Clare.

21 Responses to “Will they stay or will they go?”

  1. Skippy O'Nasica Says:

    Obviously Mks I-III were the most influential and commercially successful, so it makes sense if the inductions are limited to that period. None of the reunion-era recordings other than perhaps “Perfect Strangers” have added any real “hits” to the catalogue.

    The exclusion of Nick Simper is nuts! I hope one of the award-receiving members will acknowledge Nick’s contribution during his speech.

    Surprised to read that the current lineup will be performing even though it includes two members who aren’t being inducted. The RRHOF is nothing if not inconsistent! Maybe they hate Deep Purple less than they hate KISS (for whom they wouldn’t make the same concession)?

    On the whole, it would probably be preferable for them not to perform at all. The current oldies-act touring lineup playing the Blackmore-era classics? Meh. Coverdale & Hughes present, but not allowed to sing “Burn”? Unsatisfying.

    If Rod Evans happens still to be alive – and well enough to sing – and actually shows up – would love to see DP make room in their schedule for him to sing “Hush”.

  2. David Says:

    Hi and cheers from Peru, South America… the “Hall Of Shame” has really put the band in a dilemma… in some cases, they have inducted all the musicians of a band, in others not (Bob Welch from Fleetwood Mac wasn’t inducted, even though he recorded 4 albums with them); which are their guidelines, is unknown… for that matter, even Joe Satriani could have been inducted, as he played in DP although he didn’t record an album with the group… my humble opinion is that DP should back off any eventual pressure from the HoS to force the band playing with a determined lineup; remember what happened with Kiss last year, and in the end they don’t played live, just accepted individually their induction… on the other hand, will Rod Evans appear? Remember he tried to put a bogus DP version in 1980 without consent from the other musicians and management, and he suffered the consequences afterward… Bolin’s and Lord’s families must be invited to the ceremony, and also JL Turner… my small hope is that nothing embarrassing happens in the ceremony, just remind the induction of CC Revival and Blondie, how sad was to witness that… well, it was about time this recognition anyway, “better late than never”, long live Deep Purple!

  3. jose galvan Says:

    Some years ago The Allman Brothers Band were inducted (the word seems a bit unreal to me, to tell you all the truth…) and there was no racket at all. Chuck Leavell acted in his own name and also Dickey Betts’ and the surviving members remembered the dead ones, whose families were invited, present on stage, and even took their turn on the speech to thank everyone. A lot of story were told on the microphone, a lot fun and probably the longest speeches you ever heard of.
    To me The Allman Brothers Band was a perfect example of how to handle this kind of situation when a band has a lot of ex members.
    The real problem here is that the Hall Of Fame decided that Deep Purple were just mk 1-3. If they don’t really like the band to be on their shelves… well let them off and no problem.
    I think Ian Gillan put it really clear. it’s insulting to invite some people and not to do the same with the others. so in my humble opinion they should refuse in respect of the memory of the late Tommy and the late Jon, but also to be respectful to everybody else’s work on the rock legend that Deep Purple is.

  4. marcus the mod Says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if Rod Evans & Nick Simper were invited & turned up. I would be so pleased to see the 2 mk1ers attend & receive worldwide recognition for their mk1 contributions!
    Perhaps Rod will organise a reunion for his old band the Maze/MI5! That would be as cool as the Episode 6 reunion!

  5. Les Hedger Says:

    I can see it now. All members decide to bury the hatchet and get along at the induction ceremony. They than perform a rousing rendition of that Purple Classic, “Razzle Dazzle”! Merry Christmas Simon and Ann!!

  6. J. Mullen Says:

    A suggestion: Marks 1 to 3 all (hopefully) turn up in person and are inducted, then the current Purple plays Highway Star, Hush and Smoke on the Water with no one else on stage guesting. I can’t really see anything else working without bad feeling or people not turning up. I sometimes wonder if the band feels they should ‘do it for the fans’ and put pettiness (as others sometime see it) aside.

  7. Lummy Says:

    Frankly, Deep Purple is a Brand more than anything else and it is still a continuing entity!
    It is not about individuals though without a doubt they played their parts and contributed over the years. Let’s also not forget about its Management that had put up and through with it throughout the years till now.
    So if there is any recognition, it is the Brand (band) that should take the honours and not individuals. And on induction day, the Management together with the current band members of the day should do the honours of representation.
    Of course, founding and past members (living) would have to be invited with due respect and recognition provided….whilst members that had passed on should also be duly mentioned and fondly remembered.
    In this respect it would resolve all issues from both ends of the divide (HOF and DP)

  8. IanG Says:

    Why not include MK4? It’s not like Bolin is going to turn up and cause a fight with anyone. The whole HOF thing is an irrelevance anyway.

  9. profusion Says:

    So, do we know for sure whether Nick Simper is in or out? I can’t believe they’d induct Rod Evans but leave out Simper. It has to be an oversight.

  10. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    In terms of the Rock Hall of Fame I don’t think it’s either the beginning or end of the world frankly. However I think it mean and short-sighted of some to say they won’t attend; so and so should have been included (and so on). The point missed of course being that the Original Era where the band was continually moving forward was 1968-76. Other later iterations have included combinations of those people (but) and a lot of others. Frankly if we take an overall view of What Has Happened Since – there is nothing remarkable warranting Membership or recognition particularly. I mean most of the albums have been vaguely ok but quite forgettable really “IMHO” as they say….yes they continue to do shows but I couldn’t care less – most of it relates back or is based on what was done originally. If pressed I would say all members (live and gone) from Mks 1 to 4 should have been included – some are missing obviously – but let’s be adult and just accept the award after all it is not for the band or some member to make up the rules… let’s hope GH has some of the cohort along on the 8th of April! For the good of us all.

  11. Phil Reed Says:

    Not sure how it’s good for the fans, personally I couldn’t give a monkeys. How can being alongside Joan Jett be considered a musical accomplishment? I love the band and the music will be with us for as long as people listen to music! All wonderful musicians and for me Big Ian & Jon are the best there ever has or ever will be. That’ll do for me don’t need some fake recognition from a bunch of nobodies… they are the best because they are, simple as that!!

  12. Bernard Maasdijk Says:

    In view of the petty way in which a large part of Deep Purple’s history and members seem to be excluded and the ages this induction has been in the pipeline I think “Too little, too late” would be the appropriate reaction.

  13. Timothy Says:

    I think that all the living ex members should turn up, plug in and play the intro to Speed King (just the tuning up/white noise bit), followed by a tape of Jon’s keyboard part, then unplug, and exit stage left…
    That’s what DP were all about for me – a f*cking glorious (mostly) controlled racket – with feeling!

  14. staromestska Says:

    Hmmm, yet again the door squeaks open for a MKIII reunion of sorts. Burn, Highway Star and Smoke as a set list? Ooh, I’m getting way ahead of myself!

  15. Bruce Metcalfe Says:

    I’m not sure if Nick Simper is included with the ones announced or whether Rolling Stone forgot his name! As I see it, The first 3 installments of Deep Purple were, in the case of Mark 1, the foundation, and with 2 & 3, the breakthrough and success of the band.Mark 4 rather cancels out due to its short lived duration.(Although it might be the only change to recognize the talents of the late Tommy Bolin).
    Even though the achievements and membership of the band from the 1984 reunuion to the present should also be acknowledged, I think we have to settle for the originators of the band’s early years of the 60s and 70s.There are many other groups in the hall who had long member lists. I do not know if Black Sabbath’s induction included Ian Gillan,Bev Bevan,Cozy Powell,or even Glenn Hughes. (to name a few).

  16. Dale Says:

    It would appear the RRHOF board based their inductee selection on who was in the band around the time they were the biggest album sellers in Billboard ie mark II / III. The ever murky waters that is Deep Purple!

  17. Chris Lee Says:

    A massive snub for Airey & Morse, too late for Lord, & frankly twenty years too late anyway. The list of inductees bears testimony to the irrelevance of the institution in any meaningful sense; I don’t think there’d be many fans disappointed if they turned it down.

  18. Graham Cooke Says:

    I write this knowing that the phrase “common sense” and the “Hall of Fame” are almost mutually exclusive, but here goes. The band we know as Deep Purple now (including Steve and Don) should be there together with as many previous members as possible. The nonsense that is inviting some and not others is insulting and, frankly ignorant. Incidentally, whilst Purple will always remain close to my heart, Chicago have always been close by. If we think we’ve got a problem with Purple, just imagine the situation with Chicago, who have been through as many, if not more, staff changes … and there are quite a few there who don’t even want to be in the same city as others!

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