Darker Than Blue

Please can everyone note that the bootlegs coming out of Japan with the DTB logo on are NOTHING TO DO WITH US. Neither does use of the logo mean we have approved these in any way or guarantee any sort of quality (although I assume that is the reason they have pulled this trick.)  The people doing them first used the DTB logo a couple of years ago on a couple of titles but we assumed they’d gone away and didn’t worry too much about it (in fact I think we mentioned it on this site). However another load has now appeared in Japan.  Obviously it is very difficult for us to take any action as being bootleggers they are not easy to trace.  We have asked people in Japan to see if they can help and will try to take appropriate action if we get any leads.


4 Responses to “Darker Than Blue”

  1. Selim Says:

    The nerve of some bootleggers releasing products without getting proper approval or clearance!
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending these bootleggers at all but I find it a bit ironic since the name and logo originally appeared on a vinyl bootleg from 1970, if I’m not mistaken.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I’ve collected more bootlegs than most, and certainly appreciate the irony, but since I registered the name I have had to go public on this in case anyone kicks off.

      • Mike Herbage Says:

        I always think that being bootlegged/ plagiarised is some kind of warped compliment to be honest.

      • simon robinson Says:

        That was the argument used back in 1971 by the band funnily enough, and clearly I’m not over-worried about the CDs themselves. I saw a boot only last week which used the EMI logo to give it some respectability. But I needed to put this on record. Only a couple of months ago one part of the DP organisation accused me of issuing the recent Mk 1 albums on vinyl, just because they were in our online shop!

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