Knees Up

Glenn Hughes did have a rare American tour starting in March 2016, but due to a knees operation (yes, plural, two for the price of one?) he has cancelled and is planning dates there in August instead. Soren Andersen will return on guitar duties. The revised dates are on Glenn’s site at

And the guy is still very much up for the R’n’R induction, even if elsewhere in the DP camp toys still seem to be flying out of the pram (see above!)


4 Responses to “Knees Up”

  1. Tom Dixon Says:

    If only I’d known I could have saved him a few quid – there is a procedure where simian parts can be used… yes, I could’ve got Glenn two ape knees for a penny!!!

  2. Mike Herbage Says:

    Kind of understandable that Gillan wouldn’t particularly want Glenn present at the induction thingy. He’s hardly been complimentary about him down the tears. Not surprised Glenn would be up for it though. If you follow his Facebook page, you’ll know he takes every opportunity he can get to big himself up. He’s also been known to savage people who don’t show due deference. I’ve seen it get quite ugly at times. Still a wonderful singer of course. I’d listen to him over Ian Gillan all day long.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I recall going into Rafters in Manchester on the Addiction tour. It was early and quite dark. A voice emerged from the void. “So Simon, I gather you didn’t like my last album….” Quake!

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