No, no, no

Ritchie has now posted that after discussing attending, he will not now be going to the Hall of Fame do as Bruce Payne had told the President of the institution “No.”  Perhaps they asked him to cover the cost of the table! “We can’t wrestle people to the ground and make them perform together,” says Hall of Fame President Joel Peresman.  Might liven up the evening though Joel.
What was it Ian Gillan once memorably wrote?

People say that we’re to blame I say
No no no it’s just the game
Is it getting better no no no
Do we love each other no no no
Must we wait forever no no no

If anyone is still interested, the new twist in the story is written up in more detail on Rolling Stone Magazine’s site. In the meantime Ian Gillan has rowed back a little on his previous hard-line postings and suggested they are all up for a Smoke encore with everyone taking part.


10 Responses to “No, no, no”

  1. Philip Says:

    Choice is a wonderful thing 👍

  2. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    There should be performances of say one song each from Mks 1 11 and 111 if that is all that is included

  3. Roy Davies Says:

    I’m done with this whole sorry affair . I’m off to listen to ‘Fireball’ and remember why we used to care about these people……

  4. Bruce Metcalfe Says:

    As the only surviving founder, I’d like to see him attend representing Jon. And the band be damned! He can accept the award but he doesn’t need to perform!

  5. Mohan Thampi Says:

    When this so called RRHOF started, I thought this was like an induction chronologically – instead one found many questionable and non-influential bands and individuals inducted over the years. Why does one need this HOF when charts like Billboard for the top 100 best selling bands each year are there The silly claim they are one hit wonders – there is a link to top 20 hits of each year and DP actually make in to the Top 5 twice in 1968 and 1974 which many of the inductees like Zappa, Dylan, zeppelin, Hendrix, etc. do not even make a mark in the Top 50 singles. And then the appalling zeppelin who plagiarized most of their songs note for note and were lousy live musicians are considered the “best musicians”. America’s very own hard rock band when British DP and Black Sabbath were leading hard rock brigade, Grand Funk are ignored. None of the best selling and top world selling hard rock bands were awarded Grammys in 70’s, another joke of an institution. And the DP were the best selling band in world in the 70s, how many bands and musicians already inducted can claim that.

    The only reason later I thought the induction would be good idea was that we would get to see all the Mark 1 to 3 musicians together and perform, then alas, Jon Lord passed away. The HOF got it right with inducting 60-70s DP musicians, though I am shocked Simper’s name is not showing up on some reports – What are they doing? Doing a Miss Universe type announcement and correction, I hope. Pity they did not induct Tommy Bolin, the best guitarist Americans have contributed since Hendrix. He also contributed to the DP legend – unlike the others hired later and currently playing who I do not find to be of DP caliber even after playing for a million years.
    Rod Evans is around and doing very well as respiratory therapist according to Bobby Caldwell who is in touch with him according to recent interviews in 2015 and 2013 in the links below. I hope he shows up. After all he made the reunion happen with his “experimental band” which did not taste like DP.

    If RB showed up with Rod, Nick, David and Glenn to perform, they would outrank and trump the current band which has only one original member.

  6. Tom Dixon Says:

    It’s all getting silly; the claims & counter claims are flying around the web. Just get a life everyone… please! If Simper, Morse & Airey aren’t included then it is an exercise in futility (in my humble).
    If you want cheering up, look out for JLT’s comments about the ‘Rainbow’ line-up… priceless!

  7. Mike Herbage Says:

    To be fair, this particular institution isn’t the kind of organisation I like to see my heroes associate with. Taking in some of the utter dreck that they tend to ‘honour’. Gives Ritchie the opportunity to keep his ‘outsider’ status intact. Though maybe not in the way he’d have hoped. Surprised he agreed to show up to be honest.

  8. Alejandro RC Says:

    Ian Gillan should have asked the fans!

  9. Mark Maddock Says:

    Can’t understand all the fuss…wasn’t this the band who endlessly declared they were “underground” and not establishment…?
    If I were they I’d be making fast friends with ALL surviving members to ensure the HEC fiasco doesn’t leave them further out of pocket than they must already be…RB’s college fund/pension gigs and DP Mk 437 and endless tour of ever more obscure venues…
    Be nice if someone ensure Rod and Tommy’s surviving family got protected as well as the more high profile and apparently (not) wealthy members…

    But…what do we know…?

    Yrs aye!

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