The BBC weigh in…

Deep Purple rock and roll hall of Fame

as imagined by Tim Summers!


16 Responses to “The BBC weigh in…”

  1. Mark B Says:

    Hilarious! Whoever mocked that up, I raise my glass to you, Sir (or Madam)

  2. Mark B Says:

    Hilarious! Put together beautifully and very plausible (to the casual observer). Sadly, it would probably be true too.

  3. asda Says:

    nice early april fools

  4. Kosh Says:

    This is whole saga is hilarious – it’s Spinal Tap time: “we ‘sharnt’ work together again…” I suspect Mr Blackmore is loving this! more publicity for his rock comeback, he’s coming across as the victim, but more than likely never wanted to attend alongside Mr Gillan et al anyway. Unfortunately for big Ian he’s made himself, along with Mr Payne, look well a bit daft really… I think it’s best for all concerned if they/we forget the whole thing and we induct Spinal Tap instead! I’d prefer to see Stonehenge performed, with associated dwarves and 10″ ‘henge replica than watch an awful, awkward SOTW with a now vocally knackered Gillan straining to hit any notes. This ‘recognition’ has come decades too late and it’s frankly insulting to Purple that they’ve had to wait so long for this alleged ‘honour…’

  5. 1537 Says:


  6. Mike Kenney Says:

    The Band touring now as Deep Purple needs to retire. Their new material is and has been total garbage. Their live shows are boring with all of the long drawn out solo’s and Ian Gillan has lost his voice and cannot sing. He sounds dreadful.

  7. Gerd Hanke Says:

    At least one of those will most probably perform at DP’s induction into the RaRHoF. And two others pictured above are said to be there, too, even if they won’t be allowed to perform. Another two meanwhile are dead. Four who with almost absolute certainty will perform are not pictured at all. As well as one former member whom most fans would love to perform, but who is not allowed to play with the others by the others. Kindergarten.

  8. Dan Says:

    DP band members that should be inducted into the Rock hall of fame. Ian Gillan, Jon Lord, Roger Glover, Ian Paice, Ritchie Blackmore, Steve Moorse, and Don Airy,

    • Paul Littlechild Says:

      It should be all the members of the 68-76 line ups Rod, Nick and Tommy should not have been left out. Simper was a founder member – airbrushed away. The current Deep Purple is let down by Gillan’s failing voice – not helped by the fact that their earlier songs made the most of vocal dynamics he no longer possesses

  9. Arthur Says:

    Very good, nearly fell for it….

  10. RB Says:

    I do wish people would avoid giving the RaRHoF any publicity and implied credibility – it’s meaningless

  11. Gert Larsson Says:

    Do the “BBC” know who is on that picture, and who made Deep Purple to what they where and what they are today

    • Mark Maddock Says:

      Do Scandi’s do humour…I’m from Finland…you’re not Schwedish by any chance are you? ;)

    • Mike Herbage Says:

      It was probably left to some 12 year old research assistant. Wouldn’t have a clue.

      • simon robinson Says:

        There is a great story about a researcher working on a BBC reggae documentary ringing round a couple of years back trying to get a contact for Bob Marley so they could interview him…

    • Leftin Says:

      Gert: This looks like a definite wind-up! But the BBC or other media outlet WOULD use a picture of Mk.4 if they were writing about Purple today. That or a picture of Sabs with Ian.

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