Shy and retiring?

David Coverdale on Whitesnake tour bus

David Coverdale has suggested that he might be calling time on Whitesnake as we know it in a press release announcing a June best of tour of America. “…what will be our ‘Greatest Hits World Tour’ & most likely my personal ‘Farewell to Arena Rock’ after over 40 years of writing & performing rock music.”
He doesn’t elaborate and clearly the statement leaves doors open but perhaps David is going to try and take a break and give himself options which don’t require his voice to be pushed quite so hard on the road.  There are lots of people who would like to hear him do stuff like the Into The Light and Northwinds albums on-stage in a less frenzied atmosphere (hint hint!).
Meanwhile he and Ian Gillan have spoken to iron out issues over the Hall of Fame event and IG has posted what we assume is the last word on the subject (this week!).

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Statement

February 20, 2016

With respect to all:
We were faced with a hard decision when we heard about the Hall of Fame inductions. It was shocking to us that Steve Morse and Don Airey – who have been with us for 22 years and 14 years respectively – had been excluded, according to HoF ‘rules’.
Ian G. Ian P. and Roger G. – decided upon the offer of a compromise which has been agreed with the HoF and enables us to turn up on the night.
DP Inductees will accept the awards and then the living breathing Deep Purple will perform. Inevitably, this will mean excluding Ritchie, David and Glen from the live performance, but, given the circumstances, there is no other acceptable option.
It should be stressed that there is no slight intended nor any desire to upset anyone regarding this decision; it is purely a mark of respect to Steve and Don. In fact, we would love to perform with Ritchie, David, Glen et al on Smoke on the Water in the encore jam.
I spoke with David Coverdale last week and he expressed complete understanding of the way it was being handled; thanks David you’re a Gent.
Outside of this event there are no circumstances under which a ‘reunion’ could or would take place and so it is unconscionable that our guitarist and keyboard player should be pushed aside after all those years (on the road and six studio albums) of total personal commitment and musical contribution to the band, just to satisfy pressure that has been, in the past, easily resisted.
So, let’s all get up there, shake hands, smile for the cameras and get it done with dignity and respect for all the existing and past members of a very special family.


Thanks to Tom Dixon and Tim Summers

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17 Responses to “Shy and retiring?”

  1. profusion Says:

    I listened to “Into the Light” for the first time in years the other day, and I was blown away by how good it is. Easily the best thing that Coverdale has done since the 1987 album (arguably even before that). The two WS studio albums since then have great songs, but it feels like he’s “acting the part” of the hairband singer the American audience expects to see. “Into the Light” is more like the real Coverdale.

    As for the whole RRHOF affair, it’s just a darned shame. I wish Gillan could see that their little stunt isn’t going to do anything to get Morse and Airey inducted as they should be. All it will do is (slightly) disappoint us long-time fans. My sense is that Gillan would find some other excuse even if Morse and Airey were being inducted.

  2. purple72 Says:

    All the Blackmore sycophant keyboard warriors, here and elsewhere, who hate on Ian Gillan and this magnificent band’s output sans-Ritchie: did it ever occur to you that Gillan is speaking for Roger Glover & Ian Paice as well? The band members do speak with each other, you know (they’re working on a new album I for one am looking forward to hearing), especially since Purple is no longer a dysfunctional unit run by a six-string dictator who abandoned rock music 25 years ago to play folkie medieval with his missus and minions who never musically challenge him.

    David and Glenn seem fine with the planned logistics and given how Ritchie until the recent brouhaha had steadfastly gone on record as saying he did NOT want to participate, the motives for his “withdrawal” are certainly not 100% pure. More importantly, considering how Ritchie tried to destroy Purple (read Colin Hart’s book, A Hart Life, if you haven’t; it’s quite illuminating) by deserting the band mid-tour & behaved so unprofessionally & abominably at the ’93 NEC Birmingham gig, the whining about poor mistreated Ritchie is rather ludicrous.

    While Ritchie’s contributions to the band are incredibly significant and played a key role in Purple’s late-if-better-than-never induction into the HOF, Purple has always been a BAND of five people all critical to the whole, which is precisely why Purple and not Whitesnake, Rainbow or Gillan are being inducted. Face it: had Ritchie stayed in the band and kept getting his way, the ludicrous idea of Joe Lynn Turner fronting DP (which Ritchie, judging by his comments in the recent “official” documentary, still thinks was a grand idea; the Behind The Music program from 2013 rightfully ignored the Turner era all together) likely would have continued and the band probably disintegrated for good artistically & as a touring entity by the mid 90s and great albums like Purpendicular and Now What?! would never have been.

    High marks to Ritchie for returning to rock for a handful of gigs this year, but his participation or non participation in the HOF ceremony won’t spoil a much overdue recognition of my favorite band.

  3. Mark Maddock Says:

    Be nice if “our guitarist and keyboard player…(on the road and six studio albums)…total personal commitment and musical contribution to the band” could get to play some of the songs they contributed to the band…

  4. Hilaire Says:

    John Mccoy’s (awesome) track comes to mind… “Because you lied”

  5. Leftin Says:

    That Restless Heart album showed a more relaxed vocal style, but with enough fire to be called a Whitesnake record. Hope David does something in that vein again. The heavier albums that followed were good, but imagine having to sing those songs alongside Still of the Night night after night (there’s a pun there)…

    • IAN DOUGLAS Says:

      yes like pouring water on smoke. . . !! I’d refuse to play that track which must be among the most irritating of the bands (collective) musical corpus…. just like Led Zeppelin were so much more than Whole Lotta Love.

  6. Max Says:

    “There are lots of people who would like to hear him do stuff like the Into The Light and Northwinds albums on-stage in a less frenzied atmosphere (hint hint!).”

    I sure am one of them! His contribution to Phil Collens album DELTA DEEP could show the way to go – to a more soulful, bluesy kind of music that suits his voice so well … in the tradition of his solo albums. Or maybe something more in the direction of STARKERS IN TOKYO …or a Coverdale-cover-album with great songs he could lend his voice to …or…but I might be dreaming…

  7. cam Says:

    Very well said. It’s a shame all cannot be inducted as all were part of your family in the past.

  8. Jeff Says:

    Oh god, Gillan, the very guy who has called ritchie an “Intellectual Midget” ” A banjo player” and on and on in the press over the last twenty years. Now he thinks he’s a diplomat? I wonder what the equivalent phrase would be for Gillan? If x= banjo player than Y =?. Ritchie is gonna show the world who has deteriorated later this year and Gillan, who has, cannot hide. Ritchie still has his chops. The Hall of Fame thing doesn’t matter. Glenn Hughes is a major talent and Blackmore was the “Magic” in Deep Purple. *No disrespect to Don Airey and Steve Morse who are both great intended.

  9. Chris Lee Says:

    Whilst what IG says seems for the most part absolutely reasonable, how does the last sentence square with the report that Bruce Payne has told RB not to turn up?

  10. CHarles Ashmore Says:

    they should all grow up a bit and get on stage together for goodness’ sake. now that would be a line up – Airey Blackmore Coverdale Gillan Glover Hughes Morse Paice. And throw in Simper and even Satriani for good measure – they have all played their part in keeping the flame flying. And if anyone can find him Evans and all!

  11. Steele Says:

    Why is it that Ian Gillan feels like he IS Deep Purple? He can’t even manage to spell Glenn’s name correctly. Maybe the fans want to hear Gillan, Coverdale and Hughes sing together. I do. There are three verses in SOTW (hint, hint). And what about MKI Nick? Doesn’t he deserve to jam on Hush (if it’s played?).

    So Gillan says no to Coverdale, Hughes and Blackmore? Well maybe it’s really time for that MKIII reunion to crash the party, claim the Deep Purple name and put on a hell of a better show than Gillan’s boring Purple.

    Can’t anyone intervene and take control over this situation before it passes? Mr. Gillan, your handling of this HOF performance is not dignified at all. Is it possible you fear what would happen if Ritchie, David and Glenn played as Deep Purple? I believe you do. Otherwise you’d let ALL SIX inductees play since this is the only chance they’ll get (Nick too, if he was even invited).

    I boycott your HOF performance unless Blackmore, Coverdale and Hughes get to play. Thanks for ruining a moment I’ve been waiting a couple of decades to see. If only Lord was alive to be the respectful gentleman your ego won’t allow you to be. And Paice, where are you in all of this? As usual you probably don’t really care because you just want to get on with it.

    I really hope Blackmore pulls a stunt with the other two. I really would love to see that.

    Shame on you Gillan.

    • IAN DOUGLAS Says:

      Yes I totally agree with Steele. With all due respect to the current/last/latest lineups – there was nothing emanating from those to warrant HOF recognition let alone even general memory. Who can remember anything from Bananas for example? On a separate tangent I hope to hear acoustic albums from DC and GH perhaps even together would be great – and at least interesting!!!

      • simon robinson Says:

        Well I play the best two tracks off Bananas quite a lot myself!

      • Kaya Says:

        Bananas was a great album. Spec taking into account the new lineup. the album is technically clean, it has groove and a feel all mixed up to a right measure. I am with IG on this totally he said it as it is. DP with this line up is quite a strong band for the last 20 years. Jon is Jon, Blackers is Blackers. But the DP of today or 20 years ago is the band who puts out equally good quality music.None of the current bands can be as astonishing as back in the 70s simply because times have changed…and who in their right mind cares about silly RRHOF anyway. if they do perform an encore w all on board it should be a medley of mk2 and 3

  12. AG Says:

    Very sensible outcome

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