Deep Purple and ELP

Thanks to Vince Chong who reminded me of this tour early on in the post-Blackmore era, 1998 to be exact. And opening act Dream Theater who were for a time managed by Bruce Payne I think. The flyer is for a show in Canada



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4 Responses to “Deep Purple and ELP”

  1. Bruce Metcalfe Says:

    I was at that show but unfortunately arrived toward the end of the ELP set. Luckily I got to see them in 1993 at Massey Hall in Toronto. They were set up onstage as “ELP” and Palmer was within 20 yards of me! Fantastic show! RIP Keith.

  2. Scott Wood Says:

    Yep, seen this tour at the Warfield in San Fran down in the bay area on Aug 28 1998. I remember because my son Richard (yep named after a certain guitar player) was a week old. It was my first Morse era show. My hotel was right up the street and actually during the show I would walk to my room when I wanted a glass of Scotch! (Wasn’t going to pay $8 for a shot!). Great show though as this lineup was fresh. Not a huge ELP fan but I remember banks of keyboards and was glad that I did get to see ELP!

  3. Les Hedger Says:

    I saw them on this tour. All three bands put on a great show!!

  4. Eric E Says:

    Saw this tour in New Jersey. Had my teenage drummer son with me. He had the chance to see three of the greatest drummers ever in one night

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