Nashville teens

Deep Purple have finished primary recording on the new album, according to information sent out by Roger Glover via their label Edel. Recording began on January 28th in Nashville, with a thirteen day pre-production period of jamming and writing, and then 13 days full on recording. Roger and Ian Gillan will now have a week completing the lyrics and vocal lines, which will be recorded in Toronto in April.
Rog has also posted a shot of the large open studio they’ve been working in. Well strolling about in at any rate!

Deep Purple Nashville 2016

Meanwhile those last two live albums (Setting and Rising) are coming out again but at mid-price.


5 Responses to “Nashville teens”

  1. Roy Davies Says:

    Looks like state of the art facilities these days….a bit different to the 1970s and the Grand Hotel!! I’m also presuming the drum tech wont be nailing Paice’s bass drum to that nice shiny floor to stop it moving…?

  2. Steve Hurley Says:

    Any further details on the mid-price reissue of the recent live sets? I never got round to buying them first time around. At the last remaining record shop here in Aberdeen (HMV) any copies they had in stock, the digipack style packaging was a bit bent & bashed sadly!

    • simon robinson Says:

      No more info Steve; they were announced as happening but we’re not stocking new releases at the moment, and in any case doubt we would get anyone ordering them!

      • Bernard Maasdijk Says:

        At my local music store (Netherlands) I came across the mid price Wacken and Budokan CD reissues. The packaging is downgraded to plastic slimline double jewelcases. Cover art identical. Full setlists as per the earlier releases but without the DVD.

    • Lutz Reinert Says:

      Steve, the so-called “mid-price reissue” is the audio only version: 2 CD’s only, not the previously published 2 CD + DVD version.

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