And then there were Eight

Deep Purple Rock & Roll Hall of Fame display

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame have revealed their display for the Class of 2016, a small collection of memorabilia relating to the groups who are inducted this week.  The display is written up in the local press at

but the two snaps show the Deep Purple artifacts – a pair of stage shoes, I’m not sure whose as the picture is too small, and more excitingly Ritchie’s original Gibson, which I think is still privately owned. And a copy of Jerry’s fanzine by the looks of it.

Deep Purple Rock & Roll Hall of Fame display

The ceremony is this Friday (8th) and apparently you can watch it via some sort of ticketed broadcast,  but there will be a public TV edit of the evening at the end of April.
I do know one fan who is going (thought you’d sneak it past us eh Andy!) and if you’re local tickets are still available.
The rather crass montage of the band shows just 8 of the 10 members of the original band, so it’s still anyone’s guess who will be there!  Ah well, if they can “forget” to invite Mick Taylor to the new Rolling Stones exhibition then they’ll be in good company.


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13 Responses to “And then there were Eight”

  1. Granny Says:

    This whole thing was in a word a “fiasco”. Not unexpected in the world of DP but nevertheless every living member of the band should have been there if they could make it. Yes the bands commercial success was cemented by MkII and continued by MkIII but MkI and Mk’s 4 are legit members and should be recognized as part of the big picture that is Deep Purple. I don’t think Ritchie would have shown up regardless of who did or didn’t invite him. He’s always shunned awards. Regardless, they should have been inducted many years ago when Jon was still alive. Its all a big dog and pony show and if I was RB I probably wouldn’t have shown up either based on who made it into RRHOF before them. Its a farce people, don’t over rotate on this pencil…..

    • simon robinson Says:

      I have shots of Ritchie accepting awards in both Deep Purple and Rainbow days, and lots of gold discs on his old den wall as well…!

      • Granny Says:

        Agreed, but I’ve also seen lots of pics with the other members holding gold records and him not being there. Wouldn’t it have been something though for them to find Rod Evans and drag his ass up there? I just think it should have been done much more meaningfully.

  2. Ricky Says:

    So Nick Simpar wasn’t inducted with the band after all even after they initially said it was an oversight and would be corrected!?

  3. Chris Clark Says:

    I still don’t for the life of me understand why Nick Simper was not included. He was on just as many albums as was inductee Rod Evans (wouldn’t it be interesting if Evans came out of the woodwork for this?)
    Tommy Bolin’s omission I can understand, as he was on only one album which wasn’t that popular when it was released, etc., but Simper seems like an oversight.

  4. Leftin Says:

    The lack of Simper doesn’t add up. He was third guy to join the band, Hush is well-known for its bassline, and he co-wrote Wring That Neck. What other credentials are needed? I hope it’s a great event for the lads, though.

  5. Alejandro RC Says:

    It is a lack of respect for bass players not to include to Nick Simper.

  6. BB8 Says:

    You can actually pay $23.50 to go watch this on a big screen? Why would you want to give the self-appointed RnRHoF any credibility at all, never mind pay for it?!

  7. Les Hedger Says:

    I still don’t know how they could forget Nick Simper!!

  8. Heavy Metal Overload Says:

    Hope they can get hold of Rod’s gold trousers for the exhibit.

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