“A legacy without end.”

Well the dust has settled. If you read Rolling Stone’s online report, Steve Morse was not invited, Don Airey was overlooked and Jon Lord made it. I guess we can excuse their confusion, if not their ignorance.
In fact it was Ritchie who opted out (you’re not seriously telling me he would have let Bruce Payne keep him away if he’d really wanted to go?!); those cod-pieces don’t clean themselves you know. Jon’s widow was there, but we had nobody to represent Tommy, while Nick Simper was not inducted and Rod Evans didn’t turn up even though he was.
The Purple’s who did go got dressed up. Lars Ulrich did the introduction honours and as you might expect from someone who has never missed an opportunity to praise the group, did them full justice. I particularly liked his ‘legacy without end’ line (and Roger thanking him for reading out his prepared speech!). You can sort of watch it here (or at least listen to it!).

It does seem daft that we’re having to watch poorly filmed audience footage, and that they couldn’t prepare some decent official clips. There are a wealth of videos from the audience to watch online, but otherwise HBO will air the official version on April 30th.
The band did four tracks, opening with Highway Star ( and full marks to Don Airey for giving more than a nod to Jon Lord during the solos) and Hush, then a short burst of Green Onions as a way of remembering Jon. A closing take of Smoke On The Water was not filled with guests as had been expected. David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes did their shorter speeches, but didn’t join in which does on the face of it seem a shame. And you did sort of get the feeling David was feeling his chance of Whitesnake ever making it to the nominations were now slim though he did give them a good plug!
All in all though looking at the immense coverage this has brought the group (even Paice’s local rag did a story) it can do them no harm and might up their profile in some areas as well, in the run up to the next album.
Which leaves us only to finally name the guilty party; those shoes in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame exhibition were Glenn’s. He gave them away some time in the distant past, but got them back so he could be photographed with them for the Songs In The Key of Rock CD cover shoot!

Glenn Hughes' shoes


20 Responses to ““A legacy without end.””

  1. Les Hedger Says:

    Aren’t DP in the Classic Rock Hall of Fame?

  2. Mike Says:

    I am a huge, lifelong fan who eats and breathes Deep Purple. I must say Ian Gillan looked and sounded just awful. He needs to retire and it was his fault Ritchie was not there. Did you see the you tube clip when the reporter asked him why he couldn’t let the past go and perform with Ritchie? Deep Purple was all about Ritchie Blackmore not Ian Gillan. I would have liked Ritchie, David and Glenn do Burn and Mistreated with Ian Paice and Don Airey. They would have sounded much better than the current line up. The performance was very boring and un-exciting. My favorite band in the whole world for my entire life was an embarrassment. This was the saddest day of my life.

    • purple72 Says:

      Really, Mike? Are you really yet another Blackmore sycophant disingenuously whining that the evil Ian Gillan kept poor innocent Ritchie from attending? You are no “lifelong fan” if you think Deep Purple—make that is, not “was”—is “all about” one member. If your hallowed Ritchie cared so much about the band, he would (a) have not have deserted his colleagues in 1993 in such an unprofessional, destructive manner and (b) gotten his ornery medieval self to the ceremony and accepted his award. Ritchie has always done what Ritchie wants and it’s laughable that he would have let anything or anyone stop him—much less Ian Gillan, who Ritchie forced out of the band, twice, and continues to badmouth. Witness the recent Blackmore documentary, in which Ritchie shamelessly distorts the now infamous “Spaghetti Incident” that actually occurred on the HOBL tour (read Colin Hart’s book for the truth) as something that happened on TBRO tour and completely fabricates the notion that Gillan instigated it. If you REALLY want to to compare the two’s relative artistic worth, consider that Deep Purple with Ritchie and without Ian gave us Slaves And Masters; Deep Purple with Ian and without Ritchie gave us Purpendicular. Defend the former as better than the latter—I dare you!

  3. Rob Hebenaar Says:

    Steve Morse and Don Airey should have been inducted as well. They are in the band for respectively 22 and 14 years. Nothing to the disadvantage of David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes, but the have been in the band for 3 years.

  4. profusion Says:

    I don’t really care about pomp and ceremony, or even about who gets inducted in a phony HOF, but this was a chance for a special one-time gig finally getting all the (surviving) members of the family up there on stage together. I don’t blame any one person in particular, but it’s just sad that it didn’t happen here and almost certainly never will.

  5. Roy Davies Says:

    We are taking all this far too seriously. The likes of the RNRHOF, the Grammys, the MOBO awards etc. are just tools designed by your typical media circus types to heighten commercial awareness, increase sales and allow the industry to give itself a self-congratulatory slap on the back. Relevance to the music and the artists involved is minimal and coincidental.
    For me music museums of this type leave me cold. Surely the whole essence of Deep Purple is not a few dusty artefacts catalogued and placed inside glass cabinets to gaze on. The real legacy the band has is in its music; living, vibrant and accessible to all at the touch of the play button, and a legacy that will still hold for decades hence. Glenn’s platform shoes? All very interesting, but I’d rather have my ‘Burn’ CD thanks……

  6. Les Hedger Says:

    A big thumbs up to Steve Morse for playing “Smoke” almost note for note as RB had recorded it on MH. Steve is a class act who should be inducted into the RNR HOF (he’s already in the “Guitar Player’s” HOF), as should Don Airey. Well Simon, now we can look forward to RB’s Rainbow playing a few shows as well to DP’s next album. The biggest disappointment of the HOF was Rod Evans not being there. Those first 3 albums have certainly stood the test of time!

  7. Bruce Metcalfe Says:

    What was the reason for Nick Simper being excluded? Was it because he sued the band at the time of his departure and opted out of royalty collection? In my opinion, if Rod is being inducted, why not Nick as well?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Sheer ignorance on the part of the organisers I think. He was there before Rod! Maybe we should petition them to add him and Tommy to the citation.

  8. Mike Galway Says:

    Glenn wearing those shoes on the Clearwell Mk 3 promo photos-

  9. jmst1 Says:

    Nick Simper?

  10. Leftin Says:

    Glenn’s footwear may pay homage to the mid-’70s, but his outfit at the event did the same for the late-’70s: his Pete Way stripey number! (Anyone agree that UFO should be next?)

    So wish Rod had appeared…

    • Bernard Maasdijk Says:

      I was playing UFO’s Lights Out when I read this, so yes, absolutely. There’s quite an analogy with Purple actually (guitar hero walking out, reunion etc.), so the RnRHOF people might just be able to avoid the mistakes surrounding the induction of Deep Purple. Of course it will never happen before any member of the “classic” line-up has joined the choir invisible. Hm, too many rock deaths in 2016 already, so let’s postpone this.

      • Leftin Says:

        Sorry, I only just saw this. Lights Out, an album as classic as Burn. (Or Bananas!) You’re right re. Purple and UFO parallels. The main difference is that UFO have only had one singer – and what a great singer Phil Mogg is. Cheers.

  11. Danielz Says:

    What a complete ‘cock up’ – my god, could the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame mess it up any more than they have done? To be honest, it comes across as shambolic to say the least. Do these people actually know anything about Deep Purple and their history? Although the family tree contains many, it is not difficult for a supposed ‘professional’ organisation to work out members and who should and shouldn’t be invited etc..It’s great that Purple have been finally included, but really I feel there should be a major organisation for the UK equivalent to the USA ‘Hall of Fame’ as I’m sure it would be organised with a little more dignity and respect for the artists that have been suggested.
    It’s easy to just wipe away the errors made, but at the same time, it wouldn’t have taken too much work on their part to get all their information correct would it? They should’ve perhaps got in touch with yourselves and Jerry Wymer for instance, then all would’ve been well. It makes one wonder how many other errors they have made with other artists/bands that we perhaps don’t know as much about and take for granted that all must be correct….

    • simon robinson Says:

      At least the Americans have gone ahead and done this. Over in the UK nobody would dip their hands in their pockets to create a museum like this, and if the Government had funded one they’d be shutting it down now to save cash. RIP culture. The RNRHOF were in touch with me, but far too late and ignored my suggestions about Tommy and Nick anyway (I also suggested Derek Lawrence should be there, the man who probably did more than any to cement the band’s career.)

      • Les Hedger Says:

        Sounds like very poor planning on the HOF’s part. It’s too bad they didn’t contact you right after they decided to induct DP. I’ll bet you would have done DP well, as the releases you were involved in over the years proved. Thanks again for all your hard work!!

      • vincent chong Says:

        There really should be some sort of music instituition in the UK , after all it has been a massive part of our lives …….I agree with D. Lawrence and it is a pity everyone is not inducted , especially Simper . I am not a fan of the RNRHOF from what i have seen and after what had transpired though I am happy for those who were there .

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