Shades of

I could not resist putting up this photograph of some of the guys at their table during the evening. As far as I can recall the last time you could have taken this shot was back in 1975 at the Butterfly Ball concert.  I can sort of understand all the aggro and stuff which goes on between artists but it is nice to see them together like this.

Rock & Roll conference

And for people who collect Deep Purple and related programmes, there was one produced for the evening, shown here.  There isn’t much about the band in, and just a small montage of the 8 inductees.  But people are disposing of them online if you want to try and grab one before they all vanish.




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8 Responses to “Shades of”

  1. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Well done Sir David! Mentioning Tommy Bolin at least. Great video on the Bolin site of PRINCE doing a fantastic long version of Stratus!!! Please check it out and you will see why Tommy Bolin should have been an inductee or at least remembered as One. Oh well.

  2. Michael Anthony Says:

    It is nice to see them together – pity there weren’t one or two more.

  3. Leftin Says:

    Rumour has it that Rod Evans didn’t appear because in April, Captain Beyond has to go Chasing Shadows in space. He isn’t Blind, but a Myopic Void can sometimes obscure vision, and he can’t Listen, Learn, or indeed Read On in space, without some Starglow Energy. So Rod had to get there as a matter of urgency, And the Address isn’t easy to find. I could go on…

  4. David Hobbs Says:

    What a brilliant photo. So great to see these guys together in one place and looking happy to be there. One can only imagine their initial greetings, contact between David and Glenn, and Roger and Ian G presumably minimal down the years. Paicey’s seen it all, of course.
    A great accolade, despite notable absentees, of course, but all have played a part in this wonderful thing known as Deep Purple.
    Is there access to any further photos?
    I found a programme on E Bay USA for $135 !
    So, to look forward to, dates from Glenn this year? Whitesnake farewell tour? UK date(s) from Purple?
    Never ending legacy indeed…..

  5. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Yes Simon a marvellous “group” photo and thanks for posting this is most worthwhile. Time for another Butterfly Ball! It really makes one feel better about the whole RHOF episode given our many and varied differences about it across the fan base.

  6. Bruce Metcalfe Says:

    I didn’t sense any discomfort between the Coverdale/Hughes and Gillan/Glover camps.I think all 4 have the same respect for each other. Ths band just had the rare coincidence of having 3 sets of vocalist/bassist within it’s first 7 years. And although Coverdale and Hughes were in the band for the short run, they contributed hugely to its worldwide success!

  7. Kenny Welsh Says:

    Nice photo but a shame that not all members current and past were there, put aside there differences.
    It would have been a great tribute to the sadly missed John Lord.
    In light of the recent passing of some of the great keyboard players of the day.

  8. Danielz Says:

    Such a great shame that arguably the most important person in the whole of the Purple saga, Blackmore, wasn’t there in person. Although Purple is made up of many, to me, without Blackmore in attendance it’s just too incomplete.
    However, it must have been a gas for the remaining Purps that did attend to get the recognition they all still deserve as they are if course part of Purple history.

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