Glenn, Gillan, Gigs

Following the August dates in America (details posted below) Glenn Hughes has announced European 2016 shows (vote stay!) including the UK in November, with nine shows right around the country. We quite fancy The Ritz in Manchester, which we’ve not been to since Ian Gillan’s Garth Rockett days. Support is Living Colour (who we also went to see back in the day) and the tour runs through into Spain in the middle of December.  Check the flyer (thanks to Tim Summers) for more info. This tour will probably support Glenn’s new solo album which he is working on right now.
There is also a promised return for Black Country Communion next year, despite the public spat which surfaced after the split!

Glenn Hughes UK tour 2016 Living Colour support

Meanwhile Ian Gillan is doing a couple more of those shows which have him fronting an orchestra belting out Deep Purple classics. Two dates are already announced, Bulgaria on November 4th and Hungary on the 7th. Thanks to Lutz Reinert for the flyer and info. He will also have the Don Airey Band on stage to provide the rock input.

A third show in Ukraine, at Kiev, has been added on the 11th.

Ian Gillan sings Deep Purple


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6 Responses to “Glenn, Gillan, Gigs”

  1. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Well done Glenn! Great to hear BCC is returning in 2017! I have loved all the solo albums over the years and always enjoy returning to them.

  2. Leftin Says:

    Since you obliquely mention politics (am also voting to stay in), did you read the stories about John Whittingdale’s bid to flog off the BBC in order to end its “left-wing bias”? Nice that he thinks he can control editorial content to suit his own party, just as he expects us to curb our views on here! I vote we speak as we find.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Um, should we use the word “flog” in the same paragraph as “Whittingdale”? The BBC has many flaws but handing over the trust to a government controlled majority is the sort of thing we rightly condemn Putin for doing to the state media in Russia!

      • Leftin Says:

        Correct. There’ll be subliminal messages along these lines: “Cameron is doing a good job – cares about minorities – Osborne is succeeding on your behalf… This is not logical, so will self-destruct…”

        This is a despicable and hideous government. Hope it doesn’t last anywhere near 2020.

  3. Rick Freeman Says:

    Tim Summers…I see his name a lot when it comes anything about Deep Purple, members past and present. I would think he is a fan. Any comments?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Rumour is he was off watching a Rainbow tribute band last week to keep his live hours up. And he keeps sneaking on here correcting my mistakes too when my back is turned!

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