Rising Sun

Deep Purple Japan flyer 2016Tons of bootleg footage from Purple’s recent Japanese shows turning up on well-known video posting sites this week (and lots of nice posters and flyers on the auction sites too!). Steve Morse impressive with set-opener Highway Star on the one I watched. Apparently Woman From Tokyo was in the set at the start of the tour, but seemed to vanish. Some of the clips are so perfect, and showed none of the audience, that they looked like rehearsals!  IG’s comments about being so rudely non-interrupted at the end of one very dry run through of Demon’s Eye sort of explains all.
The bulk of the sets were as follows (and I’m not sure we even need to say ‘set spoiler’ at this stage of the game!) : Highway Star / Bloodsucker / Hard Lovin’ Man / Strange Kind of Woman / Woman From Tokyo / Vincent Price / Contact Lost / Uncommon Man / The Well-Dressed Guitar / The Mule / Lazy / Demon’s Eye / Hell to Pay / Keyboard Solo / Perfect Strangers / Space Truckin’ / Smoke On The Water / encores – Green Onions, Hush, Black Night
So three tracks off the current album, the usual suspects and no new material, which given the level of video postings (many made easier by the large projection screens at the back of the stage) you can sort of begin to understand a bit.  Thanks to Rob for the flyer and to Tim Summers.


6 Responses to “Rising Sun”

  1. GaryH Says:

    I attended the first show of Purple’s Japan tour in Sapporo on May 9th. Woman from Tokyo was indeed the 5th song of the setlist, right after Strange Kind of Woman. There was however a bit of a glitch at the start as it seems Steve Morse was using the wrong guitar – the bar chords did sound a bit off on the opening riffs. Don Airey tried to get Steve’s attention to it and ended up calling in the guitar tech to bring the correctly tuned guitar to Steve as the song went into the first verse. Things were fine after that.

    Overall a very good concert, albeit with the exception of Woman from Tokyo, an identical setlist of what they played at London O2 in December, 2015. Am looking forward to hearing their forthcoming album and some live renditions of some of those new songs in future concerts.

    • Scott Wood Says:

      Nice bit spotting the guitar technical mix up. I know for sure he uses a downtuned guitar on Vincent Price as you do not have to be a musician to hear the lower key chords on that track.

  2. Leftin Says:

    How many of us would welcome a Mk.7/Mk.8-material-only tour, or at least one date? A lot, probably. Even the “unusual” Mk.2 tracks (e.g. I’m Alone, Wasted Sunsets) have disappeared. Or WDWTWA? in its entirety! Can’t believe that even Ted… has been retired. Purple are not AC/DC.

    • Jeff Breis Says:

      That is definitely the thing for the group to do. A tour of their music from 1996 to now would be excellent.
      No more greatest hits!

  3. McMadd Says:

    “Current” album…*chuckle*

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