2CD vs 1CD

I wasn’t overly impressed by the recent version of the Rainbow Donington material – the audio was still incomplete and the video we’d been sold before. Even so I was surprised to learn that they’d hacked out TEN MINUTES of surviving material to get it onto a single CD for the European edition, but left it intact for the Japanese edition which is a 2CD set.  It’s quite depressing that labels are still taking the piss like this.  Anyhow, Tim Summers bided his time and splashed out on a Japanese import, so can clue us in on what we might expect when Universal decide to do an even more super remastered edition for us to cough up for next year….
The Difficult To Cure to Lost In Hollywood section lasts a good four minutes longer thanks mainly to Don Airey’s solo; Ritchie’s blues is over half a minute longer, Lazy gains a few seconds, but most crucially they’ve included the Kill the King instrumental and LLRnR reprise which is another five minutes plus. And for those who like to recall the opening of the show, the Pomp & Circumstance intro is there as well.
Rainbow Donington 1980 Japan CDPackaging wise the Japanese edition just repeats the lack-lustre European art and booklet, adding only the obligatory Japanese translation to this.I’m not sure if we mentioned this before but when I met Steve Wright, the writer of the Bonnet biography, a while back he says Graham recalls going to a screening of the full Donington show with others from the band and having a two disc vinyl acetate of the full show, a copy of which was given to all the band (Graham has lost his!).  The woman who used to manage him was quite close to sourcing the full footage a few years ago, but when she moved on the thread lapsed.  There is a well founded story which says the bass was not properly hooked up for the recording of the show and Roger had to add this later in the studio.

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8 Responses to “2CD vs 1CD”

  1. Willem Says:

    Í have the full concert of the concert incl. The airplane flies over during catch the Rainbow

  2. Patrick Says:

    The CD for the European edition is a sabotage! It’s a shame.

  3. Roy Davies Says:

    Totally agree with your comments Simon, though I’ve never considered the Donington performance a particulary brilliant one, and the bootleg quality of the recent US concert boxset still means theres a gap for a really good full live release from this era.
    I’d be interested to hear the Japanese dates the band had recorded, though Bonnet did say Ritchie didnt think they were good enough for issue at the time.

  4. Bernard Maasdijk Says:

    As soon as I saw the MoR 1CD/DVD I picked it up. Price was a bit high but what the hell, support your local independent music store and all that. The editing is indeed bizarre. Surely any balding Rainbow fan who has been waiting for 35 years for this particular recording, would be willing to spend the extra few bob for an additional CD in order to have the whole concert in an as unedited form as possible. The rather nice few seconds of the original intro – was it Greensleeves? – to Since You Been Gone have been chopped off without mercy. I tried to insert the Finyl Vinyl version instead in my playlist but that didn’t quite work out because of the different audience levels. On the other hand, this may be the most complete MoR All Night Long available. It’s more than 2 minutes longer than the one on the Since You Been Gone/Best of Rainbow compilation, which I got for a mere 3 quid from a supermarket in Hexham 2 years ago. I suspect it’s also a bit longer than the one on the original early 80s MoR compilation LP. From 7:39 into Lost In Hollywood there is a 20 second snatch of A Light In The Black, which was a nice surprise. It’s a shame the Love’s No Friend and Man On The Silver Mountain audio seem to be missing. That would bring a bit more balance to the set.

  5. Andrew Key Says:

    loves no friend, man on a sliver mountain are missing too .

  6. Mark Jones Says:

    What annoys me is that the release claimed to include all surviving audio …. but then we learn that it doesn’t when the Japanese release is spotted.

  7. Peter Mair Says:

    I liked the package but agree it could have been so much more. Considered jap 2xcd version but had gone up ridiculously to over £30.00 when next checked. ..groan etc!

  8. Robert corich Says:

    Chances are then Roger has a copy from his bootleg collecting if anyone does…

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