Sleeve scam

It’s weird, I was only discussing some rare sleeves with another fan last week. He had turned up a rare Colombian pressed single and was wondering if it was real. “Who on earth would want to pirate old Deep Purple records?” I replied confidently.
Well Mark Maddock just emailed me examples of someone doing a very similar trick, so be very careful if you’re a keen sleeve collector. These four examples, all up for sale right now on the web, are fake. They purport to be radio station album promos, in unique covers. If they were then they would indeed be  remarkable; mint sleeves over 40 years old, never documented before. In fact the covers are complete fakes, and they are just sticking regular  Mexican pressings of the albums inside!

Fake Mexican Deep Puple sleeves

I checked up and the radio station named on the cover actually exists, but is so tiny they would never have done such promos, and don’t seem even to have existed then. Plus the typography employs digital tricks which were simply not possible back in the Seventies.
Further digging showed the people responsible are cranking these out for lots of groups beside Deep Purple.  So, worth a few bucks if you collect pirate pressings, but at this price hopefully people can get the word out before too many fans get scammed. And as always, well done ebay for allowing this sort of thing to flourish.
Mind you, it might just be some crafty Mexicans trying to destabilise the American economy in revenge for Trump!

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4 Responses to “Sleeve scam”

  1. Leftin Says:

    Must admit they do look very nice! Thanks for the warning. Just last month I saw an original Swirly Vertigo copy of Red Sea, second Warhorse lp, in a new record shop. It was going for £150 o.n.o.! I’ve only got the ’84 reissue, with sleevenotes by one Simon Robinson, on plastic.

  2. uwe fischer Says:

    They are doing this for almost every album released in Mexico. Inlcuding each Deep Purple, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Gillan release. They are fakes and are done on request.

    Checking on wikipedia the radio station was not that small after all
    and this special division was in existence since 1976.

    The main argument that these are fakes is the message written on the sleeve. It claims that these records are handed out for free to the radio station listeners. It’s impossible that they never have been mentioned before.
    But the sleeves are designed with a lot of knowledge about the bands and the releases. Each sleeve matches the content and the pictures always are from the related period. Furthermore they seam to have an unlimited supply of the real vinyl. Are they throwing away the original sleeves ?
    The seller on ebay is not new and I guess he tries to get rid of his stock of Mexican vinyl!
    As mentioned before, if you are collecting pirates or bootlegs you might spend some money.

  3. Danielz Says:

    Yes. It’s terrible same with Marc Bolan singles. Promo pic sleeves of Debora, etc., and also early solo singles such as The Wizard have been counterfeited and sold as originals for silly money. Have to know what you’re buying these days!

  4. Mike Says:

    They are on sale on the US Ebay site as well…

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