I know I should know better

I was just having a chuckle reading about a set of coloured vinyl reissues Tesco had pressed for Father’s Day, thinking who would be daft enough, when HMV announce their own set for an in-store Vinyl Week (June 13-19).  It includes this rather pretty gray marbled vinyl edition of In Rock, which takes me back to the late 70s when everyone was chasing the coloured vinyl pressings coming out all over the place. So now I am conflicted. On one hand I already have 25 or so copies of In Rock on vinyl, but on the other this does look rather groovy, though it is a shame the people doing it didn’t think to blend the label colours to match as well.

Still at least HMV are a music store and don’t sell cut-price groceries.   Anyway there are 1,000 copies up for grabs so don’t leave it long if you’re tempted. Sheffield has two HMV stores, so I might get lucky. If not, there is a remastered Blu Ray of The Third Man I’ve been tempted by for some time… Thanks to Tim Summers for flagging this up.



7 Responses to “I know I should know better”

  1. James Spackman Says:

    £20 in Fopp Nottingham.

  2. James Spackman Says:

    Fopp in Nottingham had about 10 of these on Friday.

  3. 1537 Says:

    When you have 25 copies, would a 26th make all that difference? buy it!

  4. James Spackman Says:

    Is this just HMV or will Fopp be stocking this?

  5. Mark Nolde Says:

    Most interestiing :
    Will you be going to one of the Ritchie shows?

  6. James Spackman Says:

    I’m tempted , but thinking of HMV’s prices , wonder if Fopp may have them?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Apparently they did! I used to like Fopp for bargains, but they closed ours. HMV bought a few of the stores to keep open.

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