Off the drums for a little while…

Deep Purple Ian-Paice-Manchester-1974

As some will know Deep Purple had to pull a couple of shows in Scandinavia this week, and the vague reasons were given as unspecified illness. As no more details were forthcoming right away, there has inevitably been a lot of speculation, but Ian Paice has now issued a public statement which we reprint in full:

JUNE 16, 2016

To all the people who were expecting to see Deep Purple in Sweden and Denmark this week I would like to let you know the reason the shows were not possible, and also to stop all the speculation and rumours.
On the morning of the 14th of June I woke up to find that the right side of my body was feeling numb and I could not control my right hand and  fingers.
So I had myself admitted to hospital where I was diagnosed with having suffered a “mini stroke”, or TIA. The hospital staff in Stockholm were amazing and started my treatment straight away.
After both CT and MIR scans there was found to be no serious or permanent damage.  As of this moment all I am suffering is a slightly numb right side of  the face a tingling sensation in my right hand. My dexterity in the hand is coming back quickly and I fully expect to re  commence touring next month.
So now I have a set of tablets which have to be taken every day to ensure it doesn’t happen again!
So sorry for not being able to play for you.
And I’m sorry for myself!
These are the first shows I have missed with DP since its formation in 1968.
Thanks to all the people who have shown concern and sent their best wishes.

-Ian Paice.

The first missed gigs since 1968. Quite an astonishing record. So, we will overlook the absence just this once young Mr. Paice, but if it happens again you’ll be up before the head. Now get along with you, and no running in the corridor either.

Update : JUNE 17, 2016

Ian has gone online to thank people for their thoughts:
“A big thank you to all the people who have been in touch with me expressing their concern about my health.
I think you will appreciate that there have been too many to answer every one personally.
So if I don’t reply to you please accept my apologies, but there are only so many hours in a day!
Also my one typing finger is having its own “event” and is starting to get very sore.
I knew I had a lot of friends around the world but never realised quite how many.
Again thanks to you all and I will endeavour to keep you up to date with my progress which so far is great.

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13 Responses to “Off the drums for a little while…”

  1. Dero Says:

    Get well soon Ian. Even my grandson who is not yet 3 knows who is the best drummer in the world. When I ask he always remembers… Ian Paice !!

  2. Janet Evans Says:

    Sorry he was ill. My children went to a lot of expense to get me to Sweden for a very special birthday treat, not easy with me being disabled, for so many reasons this was going to be so special. Unable to listen or even look at the band again without feeling so let down and upset. Hope Mr Paice is well again soon and the band can continue on for many years to come for others too hear and enjoy.

  3. Leftin Says:

    Hope he feels better already. Probably the world’s best drummer – definitely a really nice man.

  4. Oetomo John Says:

    wish you a speedy recovery PAICE !!

  5. Bruce Metcalfe Says:

    Simon, you should set up a get well soon page to send his way from all his fans at DTB! Get well soon “Uncle” Ian!!!

  6. Antonio Says:

    Stay well soon , little Ian!

  7. Danny Says:

    Get well soon. Great to hear you are healing quickly. Cheers.

  8. jean-paul marquis (@MesziguesJean) Says:

    Come back as soon as possible ! DP without Paice ? Impossible !!!

  9. Nigel Says:

    Hope you are back to full health soon, best wishes.

  10. davidstoddard55deeppurple6 Says:

    Get well soon Mr P, if you’re unlucky to get a ms then this is the one to get. I know I had one, but i was very soon after able to resume my bass playing duties – Permission to leave the room now Mr Robinson sir….

  11. Clive Bindley Says:

    Hope The Guv’nor will be ok.
    Does this mean he is now feeling ” Comfortably Numb “?

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