Who’s a naughty boy?

Ritchie Blackmore Liverpool Empire

Being interested in architectural history and such I was interested to hear that English Heritage (or whatever they’ve been renamed this week) are involved in a work which looks at the architecture of Liverpool’s music venues. I was even more surprised when one of the researchers got in touch about my infamous 1977 shots of Blackmore up in one of the Royal Empire Theatre’s boxes, trashing his Strat against the ornate plasterwork, saying they would love to feature this in the book.
The thought of seeing Blackmore in a University text book really amused me, so I rescanned the prints (you can even see the fixer stains from the darkroom in the top right!) and sent them over. Rather than ask for a fee, I settled on a review copy of the book, so will let you know what it’s like.
I only had time to fire off a couple of frames (these days you’d stick the burst mode on and run until the battery went flat!) and there is shot on the DPAS archive site, but not sure I’ve posted this one before.  As a result of this stunt, Blackmore was banned from the venue and all others owned by the chain, a ban I’m not sure has ever been lifted.
Anyway, no such worries if he wants to get a bit carried away at the NEC, I think quite a few of us would give him a hand.

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10 Responses to “Who’s a naughty boy?”

  1. John Says:

    Recall that night so well. They did the unreleased track “Night People” in part that night

  2. Timinox Says:

    A cracking shot Simon – I imagine that there is a photoshop action you can run to deliberately add fixer stains and dev marks to a modern digital shot to give it that period look – BUT they can’t add the horrible smell of exhausted developer, can they?!

  3. vince chong Says:

    Amazing photo Simon . And how was the gig ?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Brash! Much more in your face than the previous tour. Exciting for much of the time sure, but a lot less nuanced which some old gits like me were sad about.

  4. Alan Hopwood Says:

    It was also the death of all concerts for Liverpool, the Empire holds musicals and operas, the Royal Court held concerts for a while but not anymore, there’s the Academy and the Echo arena but usually you have to travel to Manchester.
    P.S. I was at this one as well.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Interesting to hear that Alan. We did go to the Royal Court a few times later on, often there was no heating in there. I recall Coverdale commenting on how he could see his breath at one show it was so cold on stage!

  5. Rick Freeman Says:

    I assumed you meant Tim Summers when you mentioned naughty boy…sorry.

  6. Danielz Says:

    Great shot of RB!
    Not long now to 25th June. Really looking forward to this gig in Birmingham.

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