sun still shining

….as someone said on the radio this morning. Well yes, but we’re all still downright miserable at DTB HQ, so here’s a photo of a rainbow to cheer us up. A little less costly to set up and run than the one in 76 perhaps but quite effective.  Don’t forget to send us your thoughts after the show on the special review page.  Taken by Tonny Steenhagen.

Rainbow Blackmore live 2016


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6 Responses to “sun still shining”

  1. JMcE Says:

    Unfortunately, this isn’t a review as I couldn’t manage to attend what seemed to have been one big party/love-in! Isn’t it ironic that Ritchie played alongside a singer with such short hair?! … Oh that his current tolerance had been in evidence with the superb Graham Bonnet back in the day!…

    • simon robinson Says:

      We did say as much ourselves! I also feel, given this was in effect a one-off, it would have been cool to have had Graham, Doogie (who was there) and Joe do one of their own era tracks each.

  2. Roy Davies Says:

    So here we are, after 12 months of hype and speculation. There’s been some wide ranging views on the whole enterprise – who ought to be singing, what songs, is it Rainbow, etc. The week since the German dates has seen widely differing views culminating in some quite damning social media criticism of the gigs, band members, song presentation, even about Ritchie’s waistline!! So what of Birmingham?
    Judging by tonight the critics are off where the trams don’t run. It’s supposed to be a bit of fun; a last chance to see TMIB plug in again and present an evening of ‘Ritchie Blackmore Rock’ to the British public before he winds down again to Blackmore’s Night.
    As ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ belts out it’s particularly poignant this week in the UK and it’s hard not to get caught up in the energy and audience expectation. The appearance on stage of the band is rather low-key by comparison, though Blackers gets a huge roar before he riffs straight into ‘Highway Star’. It’s a new arrangement I feel doesn’t work too well, but at least they are trying something different. ‘Spotlight Kid’ follows, Jens makes a good attempt at the keys solo (no-one in Rainbow’s history made a decent stab at it…. but I digress.) but by ‘Mistreated’ the crowd -and band- have settled down. Coverdale is consigned to the history books here, as Romero comes to the fore, completely nailing it, although the vocal mix drops out near the end. Ritchie gives a succinct and tasteful take, not up to 1976 but good enough to keep things moving dynamically.
    Ronnie’s vocal delivery is different to previous Blackmore front men; the raspy powerful delivery gave the songs a fresh sheen and a whole different and refreshing dynamic. He’s a quiet prowler stage-wise, with little patter, but c’mon, who cares if he’s not David Lee Roth when he can sing like that? His Dio era material was consummate, Mark III Purple perfection, the Gillan stuff a tad less convincing but full marks for ‘Child in Time’ , done properly for one last time. (For those not there just imagine 16,000 people singing ‘oooo-ooo-ooo’!!) “Soldier of Fortune” proved a pleasant surprise, as was “Burn” while “Since You Been Gone” remained the same two minute throw-away nod as it did back in the 1980s.
    As for Ritchie’s performance, the guy’s 71; cut him some slack. Blackmore doesn’t owe a single one of us anything. Yes, there were a few mistakes, the runs aren’t as fast as 1971, and the song tempos have slowed (thankfully; memories of the 1983 tour still give me nightmares!!) but the songs are given reverence and the solos are contemporary, the mindless fast flash of the mid 1980s consigned forever in favour of taste and preciseness born from 20 years playing acoustic with Blackmore’s Night. There were enough of those neo-classical runs and licks to satisfy me at least.
    Few would care what rhythm section Ritchie employs but the guys have done a decent job over the three concerts. While Bob might be a bit busy bass-wise David Keith proved size isn’t everything (!) and drove the shows along well enough with a retro 1970s groove and spot-on time keeping. The whole thrust of the concert is always centred on the vocal and guitar interplay, my only concern was its a little too polite in places, but in others it meshes powerfully together and the vocals and guitar soar off together brilliantly. Jens Johanssen lent the necessary colour and flourishes in all the right places, although the mix didn’t help at times. We’ll draw a veil over the keys solo, which was a mess.
    Overall, the band collectively had enough flashes of excellence to make one a tad wistful that the whole undertaking isn’t lasting past three live dates as the band, given a bit more time and effort, would surely assume more polish, personality and permanence in equal measure.

    Highway Star/ Spotlight Kid/Mistreated /Since You Been Gone/Man On The Silver Mountain/Soldier Of Fortune/ Difficult To Cure/Catch The Rainbow/ Perfect Strangers /Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll/Child In Time/ Stargazer/Black Night/Burn/Smoke On The Water

    • Leftin Says:

      This sums up the essence of the thing – a bit of fun – but on YouTube there are indignant complaints about out-of-tune singing by the audience! It seems homo sapiens just loves to moan and drone. Your review is more balanced. Of course no one’s going to be 100% satisfied with the setlist, but there’s no point in losing sleep over no-shows by Self-Portrait and Lady of the Lake, or the lack of Ronnie Romero’s Rod Evans impressions. I thought, from my perspective in front of YouTube, that all three dates were fun, quite emotional, and distinct from each other. Quite enjoyed the keys solo – some of it sounded like tasteful guitar-shredding (if such a thing can exist!). Just hearing Stag-raiser (sic) done properly made me happy. And Ronnie Romero is a breath of fresh air – no pun.

      • simon robinson Says:

        I’m told Mr. Romero was up for doing I’m So Glad but Candice couldn’t find any gold trousers in the dressing up box, though the bassist’s strides might have done the job! No, I think the time to make set-list requests is if they decide to do more shows next year and get serious. But not sure Ritchie is a big YouTube comments reader…

  3. David Ridley Says:

    Well Birmingham looms tomorrow and a bus load of 21 avid fans travelling from South Shields. 3 of us already attended both German shows which were everything you could wish for in terms of songs , sound and attitude and spectacle , I thoroughly enjoyed Mr Blackmores performance and actually got goose pimples when they laid into Man on the Silver Mountain. Of course it’s not vintage Bkackmore or 70’s Rainbow but what right minded fan would actually expect that? You can’t reclaim the past but you can appreciate and embrace what’s on offer now – it’s his last hurrah for gods sake! So go to Birmingham and enjoy or if not then don’t go and watch YouTube and make armchair comments. See you there my Rainbow amigos !

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