Up close

Given the size of the crowds, few people got clear shots of the Rainbow gigs, and I didn’t even bother trying at the NEC. But Simon Bower has sent a couple of great photos from the first German show (and permission to post) which are really nice and clear, enabling those who like to do so a chance to study the gear set up.  It is so sharp that on the original you can even read the set-list, which included Lazy by the way, not played.  I’m sure I recognise Ritchie’s leather jacket from back in Purple reunion days…

Ritchie Blackmore Rainbow German 2016 Simon Bower

Ritchie Blackmore Rainbow German 2016 Simon Bower



4 Responses to “Up close”

  1. Robert Shadow Says:

    Hope to see him in Germany in a normal-size concert.
    Please come once again to Berlin Ritchie, I have seen you in 1982 in Berlin, the support was GIRLSCHOOL (what a very good choice!!!)

  2. Rob Says:

    I was at Birmingham. It was a special night. Ritchie really enjoying himself, yes he was older and not the man he was even 20 years ago.
    By the time he played Stargazer it had built into an incredible night. What out for that singer he’s incredible.
    We may have seen his last rock gig.

  3. Haakon Vold-Johansen Says:

    The same jacket which is pictured on the cover of “Ritchie Blackmore – Rock Profile Volume Two”

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