Spoilt for choice

“Dear Mr. Brackmore, we understand you will be releasing a CD of the recent Rainbow shows, and would love to pitch some cover designs to you. Please see our ideas attached…”

Rainbow 2016 bootlegs

In fact, this is a selection of bootleg CDs from the three shows churned out in just a month by labels in Japan  (hence my sad stereotyped opening few words.) They all seem to be different too.  Astonishing. Not seen anything quite this frantic since the early Purple reunion era, and even then it took them several months to get up to this sort of level. I think I like the one best second up on the right which uses the lighting to good effect, and also because that’s about the view we got!
Maybe best just to wait for the official one after all?

I don’t know who took the photo, but assume they would wish to remain incognito in any case…



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6 Responses to “Spoilt for choice”

  1. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    looking forward to an official live release before too long – interesting RB apparently asked GH to guest in the lineup!

  2. Leftin Says:

    Move over Dylan and Zep! Those are really attractive items. Am wondering if anyone’s made a bootleg of Purple at Loreley in July – After the Rainbow would be a possible title. (Saw some footage, and it’s great to see Ian Paice looking and playing well.)

  3. Kosh Says:

    Wow! Do these actually sound any good?!? Or are these just poor quality audience recordings? I sincerely hope the three gigs are boxed and officially released with superb audio quality… time will tell.

    I note that one or two sellers are selling the three gigs for staggering amounts, I saw some listed at £95+ postage hmmm I’ll think I’ll wait for the ricochet… As it were…

  4. Mike Galway Says:

    …..better still don’t bother and release more ’76 concerts!!!!

    • Stargazer Says:

      I agree Mike! The September 29th show in Munich should be released! One that hasn’t been yet released. A great show!

  5. Roy Davies Says:

    Strikes me that the display there might make some pretty nifty patterned wallpaper for my music room here at Davies Towers……any chance of a DPAS approved limited edition Simon??

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