Dylan Blue

Deep Purple Concerto Versace perfume

We posted an item about a French perfume launch which used Deep Purple’s Child In Time as their backing music not long ago, and now Versace have raided the band’s back-catalogue as well.  Quite whether Jon Lord would ever have imagined a section from his Concerto For Group and Orchestra being used to promote men’s fragrance is hard to know,  but whoever came up with the idea certainly earned their fee, as it fits really well.  As with the way of these things, the company have treated this like some sort of new Hollywood blockbuster with long cuts, directors versions and goodness knows what else, so I’m unsure how it will work as a 30 second TV advert.  Nor can I find any reference to the music whatsoever on Versace’s long-winded self-congratulatory puff pieces on their web site.
They forked out for everyone’s go to homoerotic photographer Bruce Weber to film it, who has obliged with lingering monochrome clips of fit guys rolling around in wet t-shirts or less, so one suspects this may be a post-watershed commercial if it gets shown.  Still £66 is little enough to pay for 100ml of perfumed alcohol if you’re going to end up looking like that I guess!


Some wag (hello Tim!) suggested that we see what other products Deep Purple tunes might suit, but the results were largely unprintable.  If you have any to add to the list let us know!  Strange Kind Of Woman for a Henry Moore sculpture exhibitions?  Kentucky Woman for a KFC recruitment ad?  Hard Road for the local tarmac surfacing consultants…

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10 Responses to “Dylan Blue”

  1. Tom Dixon Says:

    OK, I tried to resist, but couldn’t…
    Wring That Neck – Bernard Matthews
    No-one Came – The UK Sperm Bank
    Chilled In Time – Birds Eye
    Coronarias Redig – Alan Titchmarsh
    This Time A Round – the tight arse mate in the pub
    … but I’ll stop now.

  2. Mike Finch Says:

    Is it only me who feels sick at heart that my favourite band of all time are allowing their songs to be used for a perfume ad, or am I missing something here, I really hope I’ve misunderstood, is this what rock has come to. I’m off to open a bottle of JD

  3. Leftin Says:

    A lot of the 3rd album would suit the Labour Party as it fails to unite behind its elected leader and be the Opposition it should be. Chasing Shadows, Blind, Faultline, and Bird Has(n’t) Flown. It’s All Over otherwise!

    • simon robinson Says:

      Nice! Just heard JC patronising us all on the Today programme, very silly thing to do. Still he’s going to renationalise rail so gets my vote!

  4. Paul Hogan Says:

    Smells like toilet cleaner. Must get me some immediately…

  5. jim grogan Says:

    Perfect Strangers for Ashley Maddison

  6. jim grogan Says:

    you keep on movin’ for zoopla

  7. jim grogan Says:

    mistreated for medical mistakes law firm

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