The Man In Black’s due back?

Rainbow Blackmore live 2016Lots of chatter suggesting that Blackmore will confirm five more Rainbow shows in Europe during 2017, as was mooted back when the first shows were taking place.  His new singer Ronnie Mk 2 has also been talking about looking forward to this.  Let’s hope they can spend a little more time rehearsing to allow them to develop the potential shown in some of the set.  Blackmore has apparently taken on board, probably not without a little satisfaction, people’s preference for the next set to be more focused on Rainbow’s own catalogue.  Meantime there are rumours that once Coverdale and Paice showed him the door, Blackmore tried to get Hughes on board with similar results.  Looks like he needn’t have bothered!  Still no news at our end on the projected DVD/CD of the 2016 show, has anyone else spotted a release sheet?

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24 Responses to “The Man In Black’s due back?”

  1. Craig S Says:

    Lars Ulrich playing material from Rising. Are you guys having a laugh. Obviously, none of you play drums.

  2. RB Says:

    ‘Large Oil Rig’ playing side two of ‘Rising’…shudder! Read an interview with Glenn where he said that he didn’t want to work with an unknown singer as he’d already done that with David back in the day. The ego of the man! To be honest, I think that Ronnie’s voice may have given Glenn a run for his money.

  3. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    I really enjoyed the CD of the Donington show – showed after all what a good choice GB was at that time – a towering performance by all. DVD was disappointing though; only one full track and seemingly bits from others – come on, Catch the Rainbow should have been shown in full – one of the best Rainbow songs and done so well even post-Dio. Given the very good JLT era 1981 show as well one must wonder how the “new” Rainbow might fare in such company after these edgy and exciting “classic” shows.

  4. George A. Costantini Says:

    I think it would be awesome to hear A Light in the Black live. For me this song is thee ultimate Dio/Rainbow anthem/opus. Lot’s of us love Stargazer, sure but this is monster nightmare power at its best. Tony Carey was on fire in terms of dynamic keyboards. I think it would be great if Ritchie would do an orchestra again and do the following songs in live versions with an orchestra-Gates of Babylon-Eyes of Fire and Snowman. Although the latter may be tough to pull off, if Ritchie wanted to I think this could be done and give a chance to a couple of songs which at least in my opinion and hopefully others, these and other songs would get some overdue appreciation.

  5. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Hey I just got BOSTON 1981 now I hadn’t seen much written about this but it is well worth the purchase! Even if the track list is slighted towards the Bonnet era (plus two or three Essentials from Dio) nonetheless Joe (JLT) does a pretty good job indeed. The one redundant track is Can’t Happen Here (though it did somewhat). In no way a preference over the “classic” era of Dio/Powell but still pleasantly surprised. Indeed so much so I am now playing as I speak JLT’s excellent and neo-Rainbow album “Second Hand Life” (recall I have been know to recycle to Red Cross much JLT material too!) but this is Better than JLT era Rainbow and really captures what could have been! I still await to hear JLT era (live) Purple and hoping someone can get that together at some stage. On Boston 1981 he does cover Smoke well but surely Mistreated or You Fool No One would have been more interesting – oh well – have ordered some live Bonnet era Rainbow too so will be interesting to compare! Rock on Ritchie the Irreplaceable!!!

  6. Lutz Reinert Says:

    The CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and LP (a.s.o., a.s.o) are supposed to be released on November 18. The title will be “Memories In Rock – Live In Germany”.

  7. Philip Ouimet Says:

    There is only the keyboard players and the guitar player left from Rainbow Mk1 and Mk2, every one else is gone. Would be nice to see Ritchie in Montreal where Rainbow did their first show ever!

  8. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    yes let’s hope so – probably Mistreated though is worth retaining as that was virtually part of the original classic-era shows, not so much Burn and certainly not Smoke. Some site had a comparison of GH, Rainbow (current) and Whitesnake doing Burn and the Vote was Whitesnake, Rainbow and Glenn in that order surprisingly. Looking forward to Glenn’s new album (and BCC 4!) I think the real excitement is in looking forward not back (as has always been my underlying view of multiple DP reunions over the years). For instance I would have far more interest and respect for DP now if they focused on doing shows of their own-era material and scrap the old that is now very old.

    • simon robinson Says:

      I do recall Whitesnake doing some respectable and enjoyable Deep Purple covers back on his first ‘roots’ tour of the UK. Burn is not an easy song to cover and pull off properly as it was very Mk 3.

    • Mike Finch Says:

      If fans are going to be asked to pay £65 plus, they’re going to expect to hear Smoke On The Water and probably half a dozen others, no way the band in whatever incarnation can drop those songs,

  9. Leftin Says:

    Could Blackmore ever be inspired to play the entire Rising shebang? It might even stop the tedious Black Sabbath obsession in magazines like Classic Rock.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Seems like a perfectly sensible concept to me, although if even Cozy had to give up doing all of side two live, who they gonna call?

      • Leftin Says:

        Oh heck, yes! Hadn’t thought of that. And Stargazer and Light in the Black are thematically linked, so you couldn’t even “open with the fast number”. Am sure Lars Ulrich would be keen to try it, though.

      • simon robinson Says:

        Now that’s a thought.

  10. macdrummer Says:

    ‘Showed him the door’ is there any evidence to back this up?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Well sort of speaking metaphorically there, but yes both musicians are on record as saying the arrangement they were offered were not acceptable.

  11. jean-paul marquis (@MesziguesJean) Says:

    For sure, Ritchie is one of the best with his guitar……. And, for me, Ian Paice is the best on his drums place… You need Roger Glover for a good result…

  12. Mike Galway Says:

    What, you mean Ritchie wasn’t telling the truth when he said the previous shows were a one off? I feel a tad disappointed as he is usually such a paragon of integrity and honesty………oh Mr. Blackmore, how could you?

  13. M. Says:

    I hope he will consider a U.S. date!!

    • simon robinson Says:

      I would think if someone could sort a deal out he’d be up for it, but does he have the stadium filling rep there that it seems he enjoys in Europe still? And again, I’m not sure whether he would fill the NEC quite so full a second time around. Be interesting to see how this plays out.

  14. Steve Steele Says:

    “Meantime there are rumours that once Coverdale and Paice showed him the door, Blackmore tried to get Hughes on board with similar results. Looks like he needn’t have bothered!”

    What are you talking about here?

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