Glenn CD, tour, vids…

Glenn Hughes promo photo 2016

The GLENN HUGHES roadshow is getting into gear with his new studio album Resonate due in late October.  A promotional video – all arty monochrome – was posted this week on his site for the track ‘Heavy’, and is… just that, although Glenn is filmed separately from the band who are all in the studio, with Chad Smith featured prominently.  I quite enjoyed it while it was on, a touch vintage Purpley in some ways. There is a special edition of the CD with a three track promo DVD, and it looks like the Japanese get a bonus track. A vinyl edition is also promised. The tour reaches the UK in November, supported by Living Colour.

Glenn Hughes Resonate
Pat Thrall turned up for a couple of Hughes / Thrall numbers at Glenn’s Las Vegas show in August, and if you can’t wait for the tour there is a professionally shot video of Glenn’s gig in Buenos Aires doing the rounds online.
And it also looks as if Black Country Communion will be returning to the scene next year, despite all the brickbats they were throwing at one another not so long ago. Glenn, Jason and Joe are it seems now back on message.


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7 Responses to “Glenn CD, tour, vids…”

  1. frodster Says:

    ‘Resonate’ has similarities with ‘Addiction’ particularly the way Glenn has performed his vocals.Perhaps the down-tuned guitars on the first quarter of this release might not suit everyones tastes? The Hammond of Lochlan really comes to the fore on ‘Steady’ this being my top tune off ‘Resonate’.The Hammond and Keys featuring some nice sprinklings of Melatron which really give this 50 something a warm glow..not just the season dash to the Ready Brek box! The Hammond prevails there on out.Hope Glenn bring Lochlan with him on the just announced rescheduled dates in January and Febuary 2017!

  2. Leslie Hedger Says:

    It’s a good time for Purple fans!! We will get releases by Glenn, RB, and DP (early next year)!! Who would have thought that, 48 years after DP were formed, we would still be looking forward to new releases by the band and former members!!

  3. Timothy Says:

    Monochrome – with a touch of ‘vintage purpley’ on the cover shot as well!

  4. Kosh Says:

    I watched the video and enjoyed the song, (and) although the rhyming couplet “heavy” and “chevy” is utterly Spinal Tap it rocks in the usual Glenn style. I noted a similarity to LA Connection and Mistreated, but hey I ain’t complaining… Keep on rocking Glenn, and the voice is still with us.

  5. Leftin Says:

    The cover doesn’t half look like that of Ian Hunter’s You’re Never Alone With a Schizophrenic! If it’s as good as that musically, count me in!

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