Pennies for the guy


Here’s the cover art for the upcoming Rainbow live set, which is actually better than I was expecting.  It’s out on November 18th, compiled from the two German shows only.  Which hasn’t gone down too well with people on the DTB Facebook page!


5 Responses to “Pennies for the guy”

  1. Lee Says:

    Sod the DVD, anyone know anything about this?!:-
    Can’t find any info anywhere else. Same line up?

  2. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    magazines including Classic Rock gave the show/s 9 out of 10 or similar high scores so I don’t know what is awry here (trying to be objective!). Let’s face it both Rainbow and the (now) DP and Whitesnake are all mostly cruising on old material. Glenn is the only one really putting out and promoting new and interesting material.

  3. IanG Says:

    I can’t imagine ever listening to this so I won’t be buying it. I took my teenage son to Birmingham and he was impressed, I’m glad he got to see Ritchie, I enjoyed it at the time but on reflection it was all a bit lazy. There’s folk RB’s age that I’ve seen this year who can still do a decent 2 hour set, Neil Young for instance, and leave you feeling like you’ve been at a gig whereas this felt a bit like a tribute act with RB throwing in a riff or a solo here and there.

  4. Leftin Says:

    It’s been said before, here I believe, and it’s true – bootlegs have the best covers! This one looks like a bootleg, and is impressive as a result.

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