Tour off

Frustratingly – both for him and everyone with tickets – Glenn Hughes has had to pull his European and UK tour (sad face with downturned mouth, if you’re into such things).  The reasons for this will probably emerge anon but seem to centre around Living Colour being somehow double booked for the dates (I never quite worked out who was headlining!) and it’s too short notice to rearrange things.  So we’ll have to console ourselves with the album, and Mike Richards, who has had a preview, says he thinks it’s one of Glenn’s strongest in a long time.
Ticket holders are supposed to have been contacted by the venues to arrange refunds, but if not you should chase them up.

Earlier tour and CD posting


8 Responses to “Tour off”

  1. Stuart Roberts Says:

    Just got back from the Manchester show. Don’t know if anyone else was there but wow….just wow !!!! Hughes is by far and away the most on form member of this family. It’s not even close. The latest album is incredible and the live shows are just insane. I can’t remember how many times I’ve seen him now but I think I’ve just seen one of the best gigs I’ve ever seen in my life. That’s not right. A bloke his age, full of a cold and with his mum on his mind should not be capable of delivering that level of performance. Simply ridiculous. Thank you Glenn. If you love rock ‘n’ roll and you love Purple then you have to go buy the latest album and get a ticket to one of his shows – just stupid good – end of.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Thanks for this Stuart, I have my ticket for Leeds and looking forward to it.

      • Stuart Roberts Says:

        Be great to get your thoughts on the show Simon. The Manchester gig drew a big response from the crowd. It felt like a really triumphant performance. Stone Broken were great too.

      • simon robinson Says:

        Just posted a few words Stuart; given the circumstances I didn’t feel a rave review was appropriate but we really enjoyed it too. And yes Stone Broken had a certain riffy charm about them, we don’t usually last support bands out!

  2. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Yes I just got my deluxe edition with an extra track (by Gary Moore interestingly) – have only listened to a bit so far but loving it – the third track Flow is my pick – incredible. Lachlan Doley on keys is from Australia his own group is worth a listen too.

  3. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Yes I agree with Stuart – GH has been and continues to be the most prolific of all the Ex-Members including the current DP for sure. And focusing on new and diverse material as against just rehashing the old in new clothes. Full marks to Glenn. He will go down as one of the great singer/songwriters in rock like Jack Bruce for instance.

  4. Stuart Roberts Says:

    Gutted. The new album is incredible and I was really looking forward to these shows. He’s the most prolific and consistent provider of quality output in the entire “family” nowadays and this latest offering is a stunning piece of work. All his chops still firmly in place. I assume we will get a new set of dates but I guess the BCC work may get in the way now.

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