An audience video of Ian Gillan’s “Sings Deep Purple” tour with the Sofia Symphony Orchestra and the Don Airey Band on Nov. 4 has quickly found it’s way onto the web, and the set-list is quite interesting. Ian managed to include a number of tracks from his solo career, including Hang Me Out To Dry, No Lotion For That, A Day Late And A Dollar Short, and No More Cane On The Brazos.
The Deep Purple material also included a few goodies, and they got through Pictures of Home, Strange Kind of Woman, Lazy, Rapture Of The Deep, When A Blind Man Cries, Anya, Perfect Strangers, Hell To Pay and Demon’s Eye, plus the usual trio of Smoke, Hush and Black Night to end the evening. Ian even brought his daughter Grace (who appeared with support act Papa Le Gal) on for two tracks, You’re Gonna Ruin Me Baby and Candy Floss, while Don Airey particularly shone on a version of Difficult To Cure. It is a shame promoters in the UK cannot get their head round this sort of event.  My thanks to Tim Summers.
(And before anyone writes in, yes I know Ian also insisted on playing Razzle Dazzle, I’m hoping that this was just a moment of madness and not an attempt to get it into the full DP set!)

Ian Gillan sings Deep Purple


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12 Responses to “Sofia”

  1. Colin Says:

    Official release?

  2. RB Says:

    Ian seems to be in pretty good voice on the YouTube clips. I’m not a fan of the material from either Bananas or Rapture, but I respect his decision to mix things up a little. It wouldn’t be right for him to do any Mk III tracks within Purple – wouldn’t suit his voice, much in the same way that MKII material never sounded very good when covered by David or Glenn. Be nice to see Purple celebrating the Morse era with some tracks from Purpendicular and Abandon – Ted, Loosen My Strings, Rosa’s Cantina, Seventh Heaven and Watching The Sky would be well received I’m sure.

  3. Leftin Says:

    Cheers! Your least-liked Bananas track, then?

  4. jean-paul marquis (@MesziguesJean) Says:

    Have a nice concert, Ian……. Great !!!

  5. Rick Freeman Says:

    Well, it is not Tim’s fault. Of course we can blame him.

  6. Roy Davies Says:

    Ah Razzle Dazzle……. Deep Purple’s equivalent of the Sinclair C5

  7. Bo Finn Poulsen Says:

    I can only agree 1000% This is FAR more interesting than Deep Purple for many years. I wish Deep Purple could change a lot. Play som songs from Mr. I and III and some not that well known from Mrk II. And then the best from Morse area. They are far to safe these days, but still playing great.

  8. Bo Finn Poulsen Says:

    Hi Simon
    I can only agree 1000%. This in my opinion FAR more interesting than Deep Purple today.
    Bo Finn Poulsen

  9. Max Says:

    Ah …Razzle Dazzle! Sorry – but to me the song is good fun and the lyrics are brilliant!

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