Blu Ray Jam

David Coverdale California Jam t-shirt

DC still has his Cal Jam top – I do love a collector!

I’ve not mentioned the upcoming Blu Ray edition of the California Jam as we were trying to find out exactly what the full restoration comprised, without much joy.  All the online articles just repeat the press release, and given Edel’s indifferent handling of the audio archive CDs, it might be worth waiting to see what this is like before getting too excited! Generally Blu Ray editions involve people going back to the original negative print and scanning off that, then restoring as necessary.  The results can be astonishingly good, delivering a picture image better even than when a film was first projected, and being a bit of a film buff these days am very reluctant to buy DVD at all unless it’s one of those films which may never get the Blu Ray conversion!  However there is no negative for the California Jam as it was shot on 2″ video, and this does restrict what is possible.  There were certainly issues with the DVD edition, a very jerky panning effect, and damage to the edge of the image at times, so whether all that has been cleaned up we don’t know.  This edition includes both the US edit (used for the DVD) and the BBC edit which had different camera angles in places, but what the source material is remains to be seen.  Anyway it’s out in December, so check with Santa and his elves.


14 Responses to “Blu Ray Jam”

  1. Mark Says:

    I do want to order that T shirt!

  2. Arthur Shapoval Says:

    The new Blu-ray looks like it has been upscaled from an old standard definition DVD master that itself was made from a high generation copy of the original videotapes. Unfourtunately, the whole thing is like watching a Youtube video and feels like a complete rip off – recommendation: stay with the original DVD.

    This is of course extremely disappointing and a lost opportunity. On the other hand, I never had any hopes they would actually go back to the original videotapes and digitize them properly in high definition… And yes, the 2-inch videotapes from the beginning of the 70’s can look better then that on Blu-ray (I don’t have a specific example but a Youtube search will show that it is possible to make it look good in HD).

  3. George A. Costantini Says:

    Cal Jam Blu Ray ? Cool. Now for some suggests. for Rainbow-long overdue blu ray releases. Munich 77. Some Cleaning up/restoration is due for Do You…Don’t know what can be done, but picture bleeds on this. Trivia:Over the rainbow intro audio is NOT from this show! Listen to Toto I have a feeling we’re not in…This audio line is dubbed from Tokyo Budo 84. Don’t believe me ? Do your homework & check it out. Live between…is LOOOONG overdue for blu ray. They can include missing track I Surrender, & there are great different camera angles. Check youtube to see Long Live/Kill The King-guitar smash. Likely other camera angles could be in vaults.Someone! Please shed some light. Vids For Final Cut need updating. I am NOT sorry, editing on these sucks as they’re crammed. Audio was never great on these & Live Between…I’m annoyed that DVD has been around 20 years & these releases have not been on market in America! They deserve bluray treatment. For the future also get with the program & release the FULL Castle Donnington 80 show. On with it already!

    • Scott W Says:

      I wrote an article about the Japanese alternate angle DVD of Live Between The Eyes. All Night Long is basically all different angles and few other alt angles on certain beginnings and endings of other tracks.

  4. purpledaniel Says:

    The first reviewers are trashing the video quailty. No improvement over the past decade DVD. The usual thing with this Edel series…
    Better wait and see the backstage extras on youtube

  5. purpledaniel Says:

    Simon, sorry for the ignorance, but in which way 2″ video is more restrictive than 16 mm?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Well you can scan each frame of a film strip anew, but video is whatever it is and you can only ‘treat’ it.

  6. James Spackman Says:

    Be interesting to see what the audio options are.

  7. CJA74 Says:

    I am wondering about a Blu Ray edition for the US. Amazon states it will be B/2. Getting sick of that, just like the deluxe edition of The Ritchie Blackmore Story. There are still a few fans of good music in America! Not all of us listen to the Slapdashian’s!

  8. Kosh Says:

    I actually felt the original VHS was better – so I may opt for this edition if it excludes the editing mistakes that crept on to the recent DVD edition – shots from the rear of the stage in the middle of You Fool No One which are actually from Smoke etc. Ruined it for me! That and the image clarity was truly awful – source tape accepted. You still can’t beat those opening notes from Mistreated though, can you?

  9. jeff Says:

    I still don’t understand why the Japanese VHS video had such a nice clear image and the DVD was so grainy. Why can’t they use the source that was used back in the 80’s for that Japanese video version? Does it not exist?

  10. purpledaniel Says:

    Let´s hope this time Edel has done a good work, at least with the video restoration. This is a show that can be much improved with a good picture quality. Let us beg that the “completely restored using newest technology” claim does surprise us in a positive way.
    By the way, talking about archive video…Simon what do you know about the content of the recently unearthed Maryland 76 footage?

  11. Timothy Says:

    Let’s hope they remaster the audio by removing the constant ‘bullfight cheer’ that ruined the DVD edition! And while they’re at it get someone who knows the difference between amp hum and unwanted audio hiss – the bit in You Fool No-one where Ritchie is using volume control to great effect is unlistenable due to the amount of compression/clean up that was used – my brazilian bootleg dvd of the original VHS tape sounds better!

    Am I allowed to say ‘bootleg’?!

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