Shy (but not retiring)

David Coverdale appears to have backtracked on his early retirement plans; perhaps he’s seen the rubbish interest rates offering on annuities these days! I confess I’d missed the story, so may not have been alone in this. We’ll wait and see how this manifests itself tour / LP wise next year.
Meanwhile Here I Go Again has been targeted by two advertising agencies this last few months. Nescafé in the UK have been playing it under footage of a long-haired young bloke sauntering about, getting a coffee bean shower and doing the hoola hoop at a bus stop.

In America WalMart have gone to town a bit using the song in a more interactive way, using young kids to each sing a line of the song before the real thing slides in underneath to end the short commercial. It is very nicely done.

So, that should be David’s Xmas shopping taken care of! All these cover versions made me hanker for a listen to the real thing, so here they go again in one of the last of the good old days courtesy EMI. Then I got all miserable realising that half this lot are no longer with us…

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3 Responses to “Shy (but not retiring)”

  1. William de Souza Santos Says:

    Great performance of best band and the best vocalist David Coverdale. I am Fan since of Deep Purple.
    In Memoriam Jon Lord.

  2. Bernard Maasdijk Says:

    I get a similar feeling when I look at the credits on my The Best of Cozy Powell CD. Don Airey, a mainstay on Cozy Powell’s solo albums, must sometimes feel like he’s the last of the Mohicans.

  3. Mark Maddock Says:

    Not sure anything to do with Walmart is a good thing…?

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