Infinity teaser

The Oxford English Dictionary team may well have to redefine the word ‘teaser’ in their next edition, once they’ve checked the first trailer for Deep Purple’s new studio album. From it we learn the new LP is called Infinite.  But beyond 5 seconds of blurry film of Roger’s ear (possibly a pun on the label name?) and one chord, that’s about your lot!  Needless to say the internet has been able to decide what the rest of the sixty minutes will be like from this…  Anywho, if you ain’t heard / seen it yet, hurry on over to v=eFDdnUiN_uY


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2 Responses to “Infinity teaser”

  1. stuartahamilton Says:

    I take it this will be from Gillans infinity theory. There is a Vintage TV interview screening just now and half the hour was taken up with Ian banging on to Nicky Horne about infinity and man creating God. I personally thanked God for TiVo and the fast forward button.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Our TV has lost the connection to the router during the last software update, can you have a word with Him to fix that as well please?!

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