Frock folk fest

Roger Glover turned up on bass with a local Swiss folk band a couple of weeks ago, and was snapped for the local paper.

Roger Glover folk band



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4 Responses to “Frock folk fest”

  1. Darren's Music Blog Says:

    nice one – thanks for flagging this up

  2. David Drennon Says:

    In reference to the artwork on the flyer I can tell you as an artist that many bands no longer use real artists to accomplish their promotional advertising anymore. Many opt for clip art and basic programs as a means to getting this done. Cheap and simple. And it looks like it. Also the use of the “Deep Purple” logo from the Coverdale/Hughes period seemed strange to me and out of place. It looks like someone just got the job done w/o much thought. Such a slight for an epic tour.

    • simon robinson Says:

      You’re right David, most of this will be done by an office junior at the promoter’s office. I’ve always bridled at the Mk 3 logo being used for the last decade or more but I doubt they could be bothered to have a rethink at this late stage.

  3. jean-paul marquis Says:

    Fantastic…. but without publicity! I was very happy to meet you in July 17th in the Grand Hôtel in Territet-Montreux. Regards!

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