UK farewell dates

Deep Purple have announced UK shows in November 2017 as part of their Long Farewell Tour (see news below), and tickets will go on sale a week today online.  Thanks to GCHQ (or Tim Summers as we know him.)

17th • Birmingham Arena
18th • Manchester Arena
20th • Cardiff Arena
22nd • Glasgow SSE Hydro
23rd • London 02 Arena

Europe are support (a somewhat topical band name!) The flyer is a rather sad lurid approximation of Sixties retro pattern art and typefaces…  does nobody employ designers any more?

Deep Purple Long Farewell tour flyer 2017


5 Responses to “UK farewell dates”

  1. Paul Orchard Says:

    At £60 a ticket I wont be attending. I made the mistake of seeing them in Birmingham on the last tour. Best to bring it all to a conclusion asap. Deep Purple have been my life but since Jon left we have had two poor albums and one half decent one and some shows that have been devoid of atmosphere or any improvisation. Don is a great keyboard player and there was only really a three people who could have replaced Jon but none of them would have been anything but a poor substitute. No reflection on them just more to do with the ability and status of the great man.
    Put simply, it aint Deep Purple anymore. But we are lucky in all the music we have to reflect on from a glorious past. That will live on for many years yet. I am going to see Rainbow though. That is not trying to sell itself as anything other than a night of reminicing about past glories and Blackmore is still an amazing guitarist. I went to the NEC show earlier this year and he is as good as ever. However 20 years of Blackmores night has restricted his frantic playing to a more disciplined style and people started saying he was too old. The man still has it and that is worth £60 for a night.
    Oh and brexit means brexit. Start another blog if you want to carp on about losing the referendum! Most purple fans are of a certain age and most of them voted to leave. So fluffy kittens it should be Mr Robinson!

  2. Dave Stoddard Says:

    Along the lines of the old Fillmore East and West bills, ties in nicely with the bands begining’s in the late 60s

  3. Timothy Says:

    Why don’t you offer YOUR services, Simon?!

  4. f0xr0x Says:

    I like that design! It’s striking and does the job of capturing the eye and the imagination. It’s a good ‘un.

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