Deep Purple vs Rainbow

Rainbow have jumped in with four UK shows in June 2017, and put their tickets on sale the day before Deep Purple do!  I guess they figure the spare cash will only go so far… anyway, the shows are listed on our quickly expanding gig diary page; Glasgow, London, Birmingham and Manchester. Actually ticket access is open from tomorrow (Wednesday) morning to Planet Rock listeners. UPDATE – They are saying these are the only European shows this year.

Deep Purple meanwhile have put out another Infinite album teaser, several more bars of pulsing rhythm and and organ bashing. What’s not to like?  And is that an approximation of the MIJ typeface they’re using for the graphics?  And more EU dates added to the gig list…


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7 Responses to “Deep Purple vs Rainbow”

  1. Kazz Says:

    You can add June 2 to the Deep Purple dates: Ziggodome Amsterdam

  2. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Yes I think if DP material has to be played it ought not be Mk11 as that was never featured in the past – whereas Mk 111 tracks such as Mistreated and (hope!!!) You Fool No One ought to be. Just listening to Mistreated now it is pretty good I think – not as good as the London Mk111 original version of course but so be it.

  3. Martin Brennan Says:

    me too! – saw Ritchie’s Rainbow (mk 8) at NEC this year – wonderful evening. Also received a “presale email” from TicketFactory – NEC’s own sale front. they were supposed to go on presale today, but logged in last night and snagged 2x Showdesk tickets @ face value. next year will be great!. For me, I really couldn’t bother with the current Purple “goodbye” tour

  4. Kosh Says:

    Hi Simon, well it’s Ritchie and co for me – again. Really enjoyed Birmingham and as I managed to source slightly cheaper tickets for (the closer to home) Manchester gig – well, I’m off to rock the Rainbow once again! Not expecting much more than a slightly less nervy and edgy Ritchie, with (I hope) a slightly more colourful display from Jens in-particular. I also hope to hear Temple of the King and perhaps Sixteenth Century Greensleeves… but that’s down to Mr B. Other than that, I hope they open with Kill the King or even Burn… Please no Highway Star!

  5. Lee Says:

    Got my Birmingham 2017 Rainbow tickets already! Go to the official Blackmore Facebook page, click on the myticket pre-sales link in the 2017 Tour post and job done. Probably a website cock up but it worked and they’ve emailed the confirmation already, so Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll!

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