Boxing clever

Rainbow Live 2016 Japanese edition

Gotcha.  Just shelled out for the European Rainbow 2016 live set?  Then you’ll be really chuffed to discover (if you haven’t done so already, it kind of got sidelined in all the flurry about Purple’s last tour) that the Japanese edition has a whole extra concert, namely the audio of the Birmingham show on CD.  Why not just sign over your income stream to the bootleggers and have done with it?  Because if you don’t put the NEC gig out here sharpish, then they will have a field day.  The daft thing is everyone falls over themselves to add extras to the Japanese editions, but it really isn’t that big a market at all and you’d recoup your costs much better just doing the right thing by the European fans who actually went to the shows.
You also get various goodies, flimsy t-shirt, an equally flimsy book of pics, plus extra tracks from the 2 German shows on vinyl along with the other three discs, etc.; still do like that cover though!
Oh well. Importers are knocking it out around $450 a pop, goodness knows what that translates as in this increasingly idiotic rush to slit our own throats the government seems hell bent on…

Thanks to Tonny Steenhagen for the heads up.

6 Responses to “Boxing clever”

  1. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Ahhgghhh I made the mistake of playing disc 2 of the German show by the new Rainbow that included mostly Purple items – risible I thought! The screech of that singer turned me right off please don’t listen to Child in Time. . . up until this I was happy to have Rainbow back again but sadly it’s not the same

  2. Rob25 Says:

    Any chance you could leave out the political ramblings. Whilst your Purple knowledge is exceptional and much appreciated I really take issue with you using the site for your political views (once again)? Cheers

  3. IanG Says:

    $450 = £357 for that shoddy looking bundle ? Surely not. I thought the recent Floyd box thing with 20+cd’s was a rip off at that sort of price but this is just a joke.

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