After a couple of teasers (see below), Deep Purple have finally pushed a full track out from the Infinite album project, titled Time For Bedlam. It seems to have promise, a blend of vintage Purple and a more modern sound, with IG getting quietly worked up, though I hope the production sound on the drums is better when we get to hear it in CD quality.
This will be the lead in to the album, and is to be released as an “EP” on February 3rd (formats not yet known, laminated card sleeve unlikely) with non-album extras. I love the way the press release speaks of it about to “hit the shops”, to which many will reply “what shops?!”
They have scheduled the album now for as late as April 7th 2017, which kind of suggests a second single may be on the way.
There is a sort of label made video of ice-breakers charging around, while IG has taken on Stephen Hawking to try and have a go at explaining the album title…
Thanks to Lutz Reinert, Tim Summers and many more for the heads up.


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7 Responses to “Bedlam”

  1. Leftin Says:

    It’s really interesting stuff. The Morse era has been A Good Thing, hasn’t it? Purpendicular was not a one-off.

  2. SF Says:

    The “EP” is already a format, what you had in mind was that it will be released as a single.

  3. yance Says:

    Moody and magnificent, a corker of a track . love it !

  4. Mike Herbage Says:

    Sounds very much 1970-72 era Purple. Rocks pretty hard for bunch older musicians.

  5. Raj Kohli Says:

    Been listening to this constantly since it made it’s way on t’internet a few days back.

    Much better than the first single from Now What?! and much better than I had had hoped for. A shade over produced with the robotic voice over at the beginning taking me by surprise but a rollicking new addition to the catalogue. Is it the illegitimate child of Pictures of Home and Spanish Archer? Is the intro a shade Knocking on your back door? Yes and yes and that’s no bad thing. This is 2016 Purple – modern and exciting and the goosebumps have returned. I really can’t wait.

    • Raj Kohli Says:

      A quick sweep of the internet shows that, in the main, Time for Bedlam is resonating with fans. Having lived with the song now for over a week my initial thoughts are the same – modern and classic Purple rolled into one. Awesome.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Great that this seems to be getting a mostly positive reaction out there.

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