Triple billing

Deep Purple Alice Cooper 2017 US tour

Deep Purple have announced their American dates for 2017, 19 dates in all through August into September.  The shows are co-headed with Alice Cooper, with both bands getting equal billing on the poster (which is one I won’t be in any hurry to blag for the archives!) and opening act is Edgar Winter.  AC and DP have toured together before, 2008 I think it was.  It kind of makes a lot of sense to put three 70s bands together like this commercially and should do well.  All the venues are offering weird and wonderful degrees of VIPness seats as well, though at different prices.  So $780 to be VIP’d by Alice, $560 for the Purples. Maybe for the extra Alice will let you stroke his snake.  Mind you this is cheap compared to Sabbath who tried to get $5000 for their VIP seats – but largely failed.

Anyhow, the full date list is on our 2017 gig page. Thanks to Vince, Mark and Lutz for the help. But they’ll be in big trouble if I find the show at the Jiffy Lube Live event is fake news!


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5 Responses to “Triple billing”

  1. Steve Hunt Says:

    Hey Simon, I was able to score 1st row tickets for the Las Vegas show. $250 each plus tour merchandise (tour shirt?) for my wife and I. Also got decent seats for the LA Greek Theater show that I will be taking my 15 year old son to. DP and AC should have no problem selling out these venues.
    Steve Hunt

  2. profusion Says:

    Sadly, I must report that Jiffy Lube Live is not a giant festival of carnal delights that might inspire a Gillan lyric or two, but merely the name of a 20,000-sear outdoor concert venue here in the Washington DC area. The corporate sponsor is Jiffy Lube, which is a nationwide chain of automotive service shops. So disappointing…

    I’m a bit surprised that the DP/Alice Cooper tour is playing there, since it’s much larger than most of the venues they’ve played in the USA for a long time. I’ll be there, for sure.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Thanks for clarifying this for us! We had been having shudders at the merchandise ideas which IG might be cooking up… Like you say, 20,000 is a big ask. Let us know how it goes.

  3. Mike Says:

    How much just for a go of the snake?

    • simon robinson Says:

      Everything is negotiable in this brave new world of selling your soul Mike. How I long for the innocent days of “baaadge or a scarff”.
      And thanks for the best laugh I’ve had today!

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