Mush, mush…

I thought I heard her calling my name…


Just realised I’ve not posted the final Infinite track list for the standard CD, so there are the titles for those who might have missed them.

1. Time for Bedlam
2. Hip Boots
3. All I’ve Got is You
4. One Night in Vegas
5. Get Me Outta Here
6. The Surprising
7. Johnny’s Band
8. On Top of the World
9. Birds of Prey
10. Roadhouse Blues

We think Hip Boots was aired live a while back. And assume the other familiar titles are not cover versions of The Doors, Uriah Heep or The Carpenters.  Or even Barbie!
The band have also issued some official promo shots from the album cover shoot. I did think this was a photoshop mash up at first but looking at the better quality versions is seems like they found a nice wintery beach somewhere and then worked over that, perhaps layering in the snow and giving the retro colour filter plugins a bashing. It looks like they’re auditioning for a follow up to that mad French film Delicatessen!
Does this mean if we turn up at the gigs in sealskin jackets and snowshoes we’ll get upgraded to the front row?

We’ve had a few people asking about trying to find a more ethical alternative to Ama*on to buy new releases and we’ve been taken by a German firm called JPC who are still family owned but offer shipping world wide and also seem to have special editions not available elsewhere.

Thanks to Tim Summers and others.


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9 Responses to “Mush, mush…”

  1. Stuart Roberts Says:

    Just excited for the music. Loving what has emerged so far. Ezrin has really helped galvanise and rejuvenate the band. If the album can stand up alongside Now What ? then we’ve got something special on our hands.

    Even if the next tour is the last one, I do wonder if they’ll still record as a band. The creativity is clearly still there and has been re-energised by Ezrin so why not ?

    Maybe live shows could become something which are focused around solo material. This maybe more appropriate and manageable for some of the guys now. Could also let them stretch out into other areas/genres….

  2. David McGlone Says:

    Simon, I note from the link there that All I Got is You is listed as a ‘single’ issued 10/3/17.

    • Lutz Reinert Says:

      David, “All I Got Is You” is going to be availabale as CD and as 12″ Single. I would rather call it Maxi-Single or even EP. Here is the track list:

      1. All I Got is You (Album Version)
      2. Steve’s Folk Tune
      3. Above And Beyond (Instrumental)
      4. Time For Bedlam (First Take)
      5. Highway Star (Live in Aalborg)

      Just visit the jpc page again and click on the button “Switch to English” in the upper center.
      At the bottom of the item description you’ll find a box “More releases of All I Got Is You”, click on there and you can switch between single and CD.

      Hope this helps,
      Lutz ;-)

  3. McMadd Says:

    Mush man mush!
    Gotta get on through the slush!
    Go man go!
    Gotta get on through the snow!

    There’ll be points for correct answers…

  4. Gerd Hanke Says:

    Furthermore is able (and willing!) to pack + ship vinyl in a way that ensures that the album cover arrives at your home in mint condition – whereas 95% of the 12″ albums that I have purchased via ama*on in the past came with sort of dog-eared covers … – so even sometimes might be one or two Euros more expensive than ama*on you’ll get much more value for your money.

    • simon robinson Says:

      That’s good to hear Gerd; anything to try and break the tax dodging Ama*on monopoly. I do admire the way many German businesses keep themselves rooted in the more traditional ways of working instead of selling out to the first private equity nerks who flash their wad about. So it’s Miele goods for us every time!

  5. SF Says:

    The “Large” box-set contain 3 10″ vinyls and Live Tapes Vol. 2, but the question is if it’s on CD, or on those 3 vinyls and if so, where is CD edition? Maybe the bonus CD for Japan…
    There are still these tracks not released on CD:
    “Hell to Pay (Instrumental)”
    “Après Vous (Instrumental)”
    “Space Trucking [Live 24.07.2013 in Majano, Italy]”
    First two from itunes gold edition of now what, Space from 7″ Above single, again Ear is toying with us and not giving what they should.

    • Gerd Hanke Says:

      I have ordered the “large” box-set (CD+DVD Digipak, 2LP Gatefold, 3x 10“ Vinyl “The NOW What?! Live Tapes Vol. 2″) at 49.99 EUR from – by now they seem to be sold out on this box, whereas ama*on is still offering it at the same price. Looks like Ear has some sort of bias towards ama*on …

      Now I do find another (little?) box with 2 LPs, DVD, 7″-single at 21.99 EUR … – any idea what 7”-single I will be missing?

      • simon robinson Says:

        These says all labels ship everything to Am*zon and starve smaller dealers of new stock. Am*zon then return unsold stock a couplke of weeks later, and all a sudden the small dealers are allowed to buy it. This is the main reason we had to give up as too often come release day, there was no stock for us, no matter how early we had placed a firm order. Labels really should look after the indies first or there will be nothing left.

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