In Church

Some great reviews from Glenn Hughes‘ UK tour, and after last night’s show in Leeds at The Church, it’s not hard to see why. A tight, gritty and heavy barnstorming performance, with a tremendous rendition of Soul Mover which I will remember for a long time. Quite how Glenn managed to find the energy to even do the show given the personal news he’d had to cope with earlier in the day I don’t know.  Nobody would have complained if he’d decided to cancel, or if the show had been subdued, but not a bit of it; Glenn seemed to draw strength by being on stage, and told the audience his mother had made him promise to finish the tour come what may.  And while the venue’s immediate spiritual associations are long gone, with the stained glass windows and the stage lights mingling together, it was perhaps as fitting a place for him to be last night as anywhere.


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18 Responses to “In Church”

  1. Mark Nolde Says:

    I do miss the magazines Simon.

  2. Grant Says:

    I’m just glad to see him growing his hair again :)….

  3. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Thanks to Darren for a great review of the 2015 show. Yes I am no longer even interested in what passes for DP these days – new albums come out but just as quickly forgotten and the set is largely Mk 2 c.1970’s – they don’t move on. DP used to be a forward looking band in the original era 1968-76. Glenn brings refreshing perspective as well as an incredible catalogue of his own newer material – well done. I agree it’s a pity about Rainbow how something possibly exciting was foregone – I dutifully recycled the live disc 2 that contained a dreadful Child in Time – ruined my hopes for that lineup, oh well! GH and his band blow them away for sure!

  4. frodster Says:

    The Fleece in Bristol was a memorable gig.’Medusa’ being my stand out. Four songs from ‘Resonate’ . Strong renditions of ‘Might Just Take Your Life’ ‘Gettin’ Tighter’ and ‘You Keep On Moving’. I heard Glenn’s interview on BBC Bristol on the afternoon of the gig. Glenn sounded and indeed was well up for the gig that night.

  5. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Great to see these fantastic Live reviews and also for Resonate! 10/10 basically many seem to be! His writing ability too stands up unmatched by any others from the DP family Rainbow and so on – re the latter if they must stick with that new vocalist they need to do their own material please no more DP mk 2!! It is a travesty. So pleased re the Live tour that Flow is the first track – my favourite on Resonate!!!

    • Stuart Roberts Says:

      Ian, I fully agree that Resonate is just awesome, and I would have loved Glenn to have featured it more during the show. It would’ve been brilliant to have heard Landmines, When I Fall, Let It Shine, My Town and God Of Money. Echoes your point about the quality of his writing. If you review his back catalogue there is just so much outstanding material from previous solo albums which never gets featured. However, he would have to play for about 6 hours in order for me to be completely happy.

      As a matter of interest have you been following Andrew Watt’s solo offerings ? Some great work there also, including some outstanding stuff with Justin Bieber (don’t laugh just put your prejudices to one side and listen). Really think GH should have hung in there with CB as it could have been the vehicle to take him global. Andrew Watt is going to be massive, of that I’m fairly certain.

      Really excited about what BCC will bring to the table in 2017 and apparently GH will also be featured on the next Satriani album. So, lot’s to look forward to in any event….

      • IAN DOUGLAS Says:

        Thanks Stuart and appreciate your thoughts – yes I guess a day-long concert would be necessary for all the tracks I have in mind! I thought his interview in Power magazine was good and more interesting than the usual more promotional article. Hey I played Cal Breed again and the DVD and was left feeling that was really something (had thought that before too!) and was then wondering if the new solo album was really better – but a mute point I guess. I mean All Falls Down is just classic! Anyway can play both either/or at any time. I guess though like Hughes/Thrall one wonders in anticipation what the next album might have sounded like!

  6. IAN DOUGLAS Says:

    Today I was reviewing my entire GH collection – there is no doubting the brilliance of and contribution by Glenn! One favourite is still The Circle from BCC 3 just a beautiful song I hope he does it live. . . we need another Collection issue as the last one traced highlights to 2007 but many more since then!!!

  7. Kosh Says:

    Hi Simon, we, me and my brother, saw the opening gig in Newcastle. It was simply stunning. Glenn’s voice was utterly imperious, his performance mesmeric. He is the dictionary definition of a ‘rock God.’ The third time we’ve seen him and he just gets better! Sad news indeed re his Mum passing, but typical of the man that he is carrying on for her, the fans and himself too. You keep on moving was aired on the Tyne, I was actually quite moved by it on the night. Rock on Glenn!

    Ritchie next, I suspect his ‘energy’ will sadly not match that of Glenn. Oh well…

    • Stuart Roberts Says:

      I’m excited to see Ritchie but just for sentimental reasons. However, just imagine how good it could have been had he managed to bring DC and GH into the fold. It felt like he couldn’t pull this off because he wanted to go out under the Rainbow banner, but that has left us with something far less exciting. The guys in his current band are strong players, you don’t get to work with Ritchie if you aren’t, but there’s good and then there’s great.

      Okay DC isn’t what he once was and neither’s Ritchie but putting them together alongside GH (who appears to be defying gravity) would have been a brilliant way for TMIB to hang up his strat. Just very frustrating that we appear to have been so close but not quite able to get it over the line. I would’ve thought this would appeal to RB’s mischievous nature, because of the extent to which it would’ve wound DP up.

      No reason why they couldn’t have played a predominantly Mark 3 orientated set with feature points for each of the key guys. We wouldn’t have needed any Mark 2 stuff because DP have that covered.

      Do you think DP would have allowed Paicey and Don to get involved as well ? I can dream can’t I….

      • simon robinson Says:

        I like the idea of Glenn defying gravity Stuart! Floating around on that harness John McCoy used to cripple himself with nightly (unless of course BoJo nicked it…).

  8. Stuart Roberts Says:

    Simon, Great to hear you enjoyed the Leeds show as much as I enjoyed Manchester. I reflected that it is fantastic to see him perform in the more intimate venues, although I suspect he craves bigger arena style audiences. He definitely deserves that level of exposure and popularity, but I think the only viable route to that position is via BCC now. I also believe CB could have provided that vehicle had he stuck with it, and it could have been very exciting to see him have one last go around with Blackmore and Coverdale had that come off.

    Whilst I’m really looking forward to the Rainbow and DP arena shows later in the year, I can’t see the quality getting close to the GH performance in the Manchester Academy. He blew the entire audience away and it staggers me that more people aren’t standing up to take notice. The only albums from the “DP family”, since the late 70’s/early 80’s, which get close to the quality of Resonate, are Now What ? and other GH/BCC/CB albums.

    Fingers crossed for a BCC tour.

    • simon robinson Says:

      Yes, I couldn’t help wondering, as I found myself able to walk right up to the front of the stage during the show, why on earth Glenn isn’t able to tour bigger venues as this set and performance (and from all accounts the whole tour) fully deserve such a lift up.

  9. Darren's Music Blog Says:

    Saw him on his last UK tour -hugely impressive. The voice is still there

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