Rainbow record fair support

The flyers for the London gig on the Rainbow tour in June are now about and show a busy bill, with Sweet, Blue Oyster Cult and others supporting, plus a second stage and even a comedy tent.  Rare films, a beer tent and a vinyl record fair complete the attractions!  Quite an inventive day if you’re into a few of the groups.  Best of all would seem to be the fabulously named Steve ‘N Seagulls playing after the main band have finished.

Rainbow London 2017 flyer


3 Responses to “Rainbow record fair support”

  1. Leftin Says:

    GUN is, or was, a really interesting band. The ’97 album, a Glasgow ‘phone-number I can’t quite remember, was my fave rock album of the ’90s after a couple of Nirvana works. Think the singer is now Toby from Little Angels and Fastway. Pretty sure they don’t play Crazy You or My Sweet Jane. Sorry if no one knows what I’m wittering on about!

    • simon robinson Says:

      I have to confess I’m one, but second to Nirvana suggests they were worth a listen.

      • Leftin Says:

        Simon: Thanks for your faith. They did a great version of Don’t Believe a Word. Well, it was better than the cover we did at college! Think Taking On the World is Gun’s Machine Head, but I have a yen for their Stormbringer…

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