Bolstering bass and more.

Needless to say the build up to the album is getting more intense and with the band doing interviews with loads of journalist’s lately, more is bound to emerge. Track down this page so you don’t miss anything!
There’s a “making of” Deep Purple’s new album documentary on Sky Arts, 11th March, 9pm. I guess this may form part of the DVD in the box set, and hopefully they’ll post it online later for those of us who don’t have access.
Now I wouldn’t normally post an advance press review, but given how down on Purple Classic Rock usually are, they have been quite upbeat about Infinite online (except for the Doors cover, which is worrying a lot of people), so if you don’t mind a bit of a spoiler (and a lot of tortured alliteration) read on! Otherwise look away now. Good to see Edel trust them with advance copies but not the fan sites. Thanks to Dave Browne.

InFinite definitely won’t disappoint fans of classic Purple. It’s a feast of wanton organ and quasi-classical keyboard curlicues, bolstering bass from Roger Glover and percussive surges courtesy of Paice. Gillan, meanwhile, is in grand over-the-top form, trying a little too hard, perhaps, to keep up with the heavy metal kids, effing and blinding throughout. Elsewhere, he’s ‘three sheets to the wind’ in One Night In Vegas, while On Top Of The World finds him variously lying ‘beside the most beautiful girl in the universe’ and ‘collapsed between the eyes of Morpheus’.
It’s colourful and inadvertently comical stuff, but there’s no denying that the music is worth taking seriously, from the rampaging opener Time For Bedlam and exotically textured The Surprising, to the Zep-ish Hip Boots and Birds Of Prey. The album closes with a perfunctory cover of Roadhouse Blues, but InFinite works best when Purple do what they do best: extrapolate and alchemise the blues, and take it to new progressive heights.”


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8 Responses to “Bolstering bass and more.”

  1. James Says:

    It’s probably all over the interweb by now but Johnny’s Band was Radio 2’s record of the week last week (it’s Steps this week !!!) and this was a “World Exclusive” first play by Ken Bruce. No interview or anything, just the song – but Ken only spoke over the very last couple of seconds.
    Thinking of UK radio and The BBC Sessions CD, whenever I hear it I wonder what the casual listener must have thought when Mike Harding played that version of Hard Loving Man on Radio One at a time when the top five singles were by Dana, Norman Greenbaum, Simon and Garfunkel, Andy Williams and Mary Hopkin… (Actually, that was the week before, but you get my point.)

    • simon robinson Says:

      I like a bit of context on the archive material James which is why we kept as much as was practical on the BBC set. Very sorry to hear Brian Matthews has just died, and he was a gent helping on the CD giving permission.

  2. Denis Says:

    Jonny’s Band just played on Radio 2, Its Ken Bruces record of the week next week.

  3. stuartahamilton Says:

    I see Classic Rock mag is in the shops with a Deep Purple CD stuck on the front. Time For Bedlam / A;; I Got Is You / All The Time In The World (radio mix) / First Sign of Madness / No Once Came live (Now What Gold) / Strange Kind of Woman (Wacken setting sun) / Perfect Strangers Tokyo rising sun) / Black Night live in Milan unreleased 21/07/213

  4. cam Says:

    Already preordered Can’t wait

  5. Stuart Roberts Says:

    It sounds like it’s going to be great. IG apparently meant it when he said he was furious again, and bolstering bass is a brilliant description of what Roger has been doing for decades….come on !!!!

  6. Rick Freeman Says:

    So, do you like it? The only problem will be buying/collecting everything that appears so we can have all the songs. Not really a problem, we have all been milked before. The inevitable Deluxe edition will appear with more to entice us. Oh well. I am a fan so, it really comes down to two things. The time waiting for all the releases and the money we will gladly pay out. Fans to the end.

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